Story Hero, the role-playing card game is now available on Kickstarter

The brand new role-playing card game StoryHero has launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of $22,000. StoryHero is a creative card game for 2 to 4 people in which the players have a chance to become a hero in a fascinating story that continues while playing the game.

StoryHero portrays John Reed as a special agent and the players will be dropped into a murder, hunting down the suspects in the middle of the night or can get involved in an undercover operation.

The developers of the game have described the game as “the ultimate mindgame” because even though the players are put into a pre defined action intro story, they can decide what happens next and make the game more exciting and entertaining.

The action cards make StoryHeroan unpredictable adventure and manage to bring a good amount of twist and turn in the role playing game.

StoryHero offers 20 Intro Stories, 20 voting cards, 50 action calls and 160 words from the crime and action genre. The direction of the story is determined by the combination of these cards. The game is best suited for player who like drama, action, thriller, adventure and fiction genre, which also enhances the creativity, communication and social skills.

The developers are also working on the 2nd and 3rd edition of this game which can be played with 12 people instead of four. These role playing games will be made in different themes such as the Adventure wilderness edition, suitable for families and kids and even a Love & Erotic Edition for adult entertainment.

The players can also mix action cards from different genre together to make the game more challenging and exciting.StoryHero will be available soon in multiple languages, once the campaign is successful.

The Kickstarter campaign also offers a chance for people to choose on 2 different language versions of the game by pledging for $19 or more. The various other perks include a StoryHero cell phone screen picture, a Christmas edition deck of cards with a gift voucher and much more.

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