Chesapeake Home Health Care to Award Outstanding Nurses and Staff at Annual Christmas Banquet

LANHAM, Maryland – Chesapeake Home Health Care (CHHC-MD) knows all too well that you don’t gain the reputation as a leading nursing agency without a rockstar staff. As such CHHC-MD plans to recognize and celebrate its staff at its annual Christmas Banquet on December 17, 2015, at La Fontaine Bleue in Lanham, Maryland. Awards will be presented in various categories in recognition of staff members that provide the most quality care.

“We took extra care in selecting awards this year. We really wanted to show the staff how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication. I think they’re going to be really excited when they see what’s in store for them.” – Director of Nursing, Dawn Cole, RN, CLNC

At Chesapeake, we truly believe in creating a culture of excellence and we do that by publicly recognizing outstanding work. The jobs done by the staff can easily be stressful and thankless. Thus, Chesapeake strives to give those who go above and beyond a little time in the spotlight. Awards will be presented in the following categories:

The Dream Team – 6 nurses that exemplify quality care in the patient care delivery process

Best Nursing Team – Also known as the Dynamic Duo, for the best team on a client case

Nurse of The Year – Best all around performance of a single nurse, the most sought after of all the prizes

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to work in an environment where all your hard work is recognized, appreciated, and celebrated. It really makes a difference in how I approach my job, and I can honestly say I’m happy to come to work here every single day.” -Jessika, Patient Care Navigator

About Chesapeake Home Health Care (CHHC – MD)

Care. It’s the philosophy at CHESEAPEAKE HOME HEALTH CARE INC. (CHHC-MD). Whether it’s providing hands-on care for loved ones; getting connected to additional wraparound services; or helping to further attain professional education to becoming a better caregiver – caring is not just a job at CHESAPEAKE, “it’s our passion and our purpose”. As a premiere, licensed Maryland home health care organization, CHESEAPEAKE HOME HEALTH CARE INC. (CHHC-MD) specializes in coupling innovation with community-based services to meet the specific needs of medically fragile or special needs children and nursing-dependent adults. And by focusing exclusively on this often misunderstood and overlooked population, CHESEAPEAKE has established itself as a proven leader in the community and healthcare industry. So let CHESEAPEAKE HOME HEALTH CARE INC. take care of you. Let’s get started!

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