The ‘energy efficient stoves’ can transform the life of people in Tanzania, need funding to implement

Aurelie Sivadier, executive director of E-Trip Africa has started a crowd funding campaign on Gofundme with a goal of raising 71.1k aimed at saving the ecologically rich forests in East Africa. E-Trip Africa focuses on sustainable tourism and through their trips they are on the lookout for innovative ways to improve the livelihoods of those around them.

The team came across a sustainable energy solution in 2013, a cooking stove called Jikokoa, developed by Peter Scott in Kenya. The team purchased the cooking stove and started distributing it around East Africa as a part of informal carbon offset project for corporate use.

With an aim to bring the cooking stove in the neighboring Tanzania as well, Sivadier and her team have started this fundraiser. The goal of the group is to establish a not for profit distribution chain in Tanzania for these stoves, overcoming the barriers that have kept the stoves from crossing into Tanzania, such as high transport costs, lack of access to credit, low per capita income and others.

Once the goal is successful, the stoves will be transported and sold to the people living in rural communities of Tanzania. The household income of people living in these communities is often less than $60 a month and can’t afford such technology even though the Jikokoa stove would save about $5 to $50 a month of charcoal consumption cost.

The success of the campaign will ensure that Jikokoa reaches all the families in need which could save approximately $2 per week on charcoal consumption cost. The cost of one stove to the group will be $45 but they will sell the stove the families at $5 and over the next 5 months the family can pay $8 a month to complete the purchase of their stove.

Once the family repays the amount for stove, the funds will be used again to purchase more stoves and it will go on like this. This will mean that a contribution of $45 will allow the distribution of at least 2 stoves per year.

The success of the Gofundme campaign will mean the distribution of 1581 stoves, twice a year, resulting in 3162 families having efficient cooking fuel consumption in Tanzania. Which means reduced charcoal consumption by 2,671,250 Lbs per year, saving 750 acres of forest annually.

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