The unique ‘Warm Leaves’ subscription lets you taste a world of loose leaf tea

For some, the dream is to travel the world of seven seas, while for others; the adventure can be to taste the world of loose leaf teas.

The Norwegian and Chinese couple Henrik Saetre and Effy Yu, has just launched Warm Leaves, a unique tea subscription which provides people a chance to taste four best quality teas from one different country, each month.

Not many have ever tried teas from Vietnam, Taiwan, or Kenya, and here is a chance for people to expand their horizons.

Warm Leaves creates a journey that starts with Japanese green teas for the first month, moving on to Taiwan and its famous Oolong teas, and followed by exotic Nepalese black teas. In a whole year, people get to explore the most unique and characteristic teas from South and East Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

For the past six years, the couple has been living and travelling around Asia and Europe, tasting a cuppa wherever they go. ‘Few things other than tea can represent a country and its culture in such a well-rounded way,’ says Effy Yu, co-founder at Warm Leaves, ‘as tea preserves the aroma and flavor from the air and water that it’s grown with, and the way of drinking tea reflects daily life of local people perfectly.’

‘We are living in such a fascinating time where it is possible to experience something from the other side of the world right at where you are,’ says Henrik Saetre, cofounder at Warm Leaves, ‘so instead of you travelling to every corner of the world looking for a cup of local tea, we want you to sit back and relax, and let us bring a world of tea to you.’

To travel to more tea countries around the world and source the freshest loose leaves directly from local tea gardens, the couple has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of €10,000 to reach minimum order quantity of the tea suppliers and logistics services.

The Warm Leaves project is aimed to bring people on a journey of tea tasting around the world, with its finest loose leaves. The Kickstarter campaign gives people an opportunity to grab the subscription at an early bird price. By pledging €300 the backer can have a full year subscription of Warm Leaves. For a trial, the user can also get a one month subscription for only €25. The estimated delivery will be early February 2016.

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