Eaton Compressor Announces Holiday Sales Discount on Rotary Screw Air Compressors & Swingarm Packages

Holiday Sale is now live at Eaton Compressor. Visit or call Toll Free 877-283-7614 more information.
Eaton Compressor slashes retail price on Rotary Screw Air Compressors including Swingarm packages by up to 40 percent on account of holiday sales.

Eaton Compressor, the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality air compressors, has announced a huge discount of 40 per cent on their Rotary Screw Air Compressors as a part of their holiday sales. The news will be a delightful surprise to companies planning to buy the best quality air compressors. The discounted pricing will also extend to the Swingarm packages.

“We are happy to give some real good news to our consumers just as the holiday season is about to start,” says Matt Cain, the President and CEO of Eaton Compressor. “As a part of our holiday sales, we are offering 40% discount on our rotary screw air compressors. This is a great time to buy the world’s best quality air compressors at the lowest price and save money. Order from our website and do it soon because we expect stocks to fly off our shelves pretty fast.”

Organizations planning to buy air compressors this season will have to move quickly as most compressors are expected to sell out quickly. They can pre-order from Eaton Compressor website and avail of the exciting offer right away and avoid disappointment.

Eaton Compressor is the most reliable and popular name among companies when it comes to buying technologically superior rotary air screw compressors. These high-tech compressors are preferred, not only for their superior performance and durability but also because they help reduce energy bills significantly. Eaton Compressor’s Rotary Air Screw Compressors machines work far more efficiently than the conventional centrifugal compressor application. It helps reduce energy consumption by as much as 30 per cent according to air compressor technologists.

Eaton Compressor has become the leading brand in air compressors on the strength of the quality of their products, competitive pricing and ethical business practices. The company is committed to delivering high quality products only. The rotary screw air compressors or any other air compressor products strictly do not use Chinese motors. The company also offers impressive warranties on their products which is reflective of the resolute faith they have in the long term performance and quality of these products.

Those wanting to buy Eaton Compressor’s rotary screw air compressors can order conveniently right from the company’s website. The compressor comes with a 5-year warranty on parts of the unit and a 10-year warranty on the air end. When combined with the huge 40% discount offer, this is easily the best deal buyers can ever get on Eaton Rotary Screw Air Compressors.

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About Eaton Compressor

Eaton Compressor was first established in 1977 and is also known as Polar Air. The company’s premise is spread across more than 60,000 square feet of space in Englewood, Ohio, USA. The owner and CEO of the company, Matt Cain, takes prides in his company being the leading manufacturer of air compressors in USA.

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