HFS Announces Its New iPhone App for Offshore Banking

Dec 08, 2015 – Harbor Financial Services (HFS) announces its Offshore Banking Mobile App, an educational and useful app that is meant to explain significant information about offshore banking.

The Offshore Banking App can be downloaded from the iTunes store at:

The HFS Offshore Banking Mobile App is the first in the offshore banking industry. It contains various information that is useful to those who are interested in offshore banking and for those who need it and might consider having an offshore bank account. The app is divided into sections that answer the most frequently asked questions about offshore banking:

1. What is offshore banking?

2. Why should I open an offshore bank account?

3. How does offshore banking actually work?

4. How do I open an offshore bank account?

Each of these sections has its own set of specific questions that correspond to the most essential inquiries most people have of offshore bank accounts. For instance, the first section discusses the responses to the concerns about the meaning of offshore banking, the safety of opening this type of account, its legality, and its privacy laws. The second section explains the benefits of having an offshore bank and how it can protect a depositor’s assets. The third section clarifies the basics of opening an offshore bank and how transactions are being done in this type of account. Lastly, the fourth section discusses the steps and requirements in opening a private offshore bank account.

Being the first of its kind, the new HFS mobile app for offshore bank account clarifies the misconceptions on the subject of offshore banking countries, the benefits of offshore private banking, online offshore banking and other related matters. The app also introduces offshore corporations and how they can help setup an offshore bank account online as well as how they can help the depositors invest and grow their money internationally.

While the concept of offshore banks has been depicted in various movies such as The Firm and The Bourne Identity, the portrayals of offshore banking were misleading. The new mobile app attempts to set the record straight about offshore banking and everything that one needs to know about it.

The HFS Offshore Banking Mobile App demystifies the subject of international online offshore banking by explaining the subject in layman’s terms. With the new app, the subject of offshore banking is not only a thing of the past but also of the present and the future that can greatly help individuals and companies in their private banking needs.

The mobile app has an Offshore Planning Center that allows one to register and create his or her own offshore plan so that he or she will have an idea of the cost and duration of opening an offshore bank account. The user responses to a few questions and a customized offshore banking services package is presented right away. It is the HFS mobile app’s way of giving its users a personalized service catered to the prospective bank client’s banking needs.

About HFS

Harbor Financial Services has helped many people from all over the world set up Swiss offshore bank accounts, Belize offshore banking, and other similar offshore activities with offshore corporations. It has connections with various international offshore companies and this is a great advantage to its clients.

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