CareerSafe’s Innovative Approach to Workplace Safety Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy Ireland

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with CareerSafe’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Larry D. Teverbaugh.
CareerSafe provides an innovative and effective approach to workplace safety focused on young workers.

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Los Angeles, CA – December 8, 2015 – No Job is Worth a Young Worker’s Life. This message represents the impact that CareerSafe is aspiring to make with a unique approach to workplace safety training for youth. CareerSafe’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Larry D. Teverbaugh, opens his interview by noting, “Young workers aged 16-to-24 years of age represent a special challenge to employers from the perspective of safety. They have the highest incidence of death and injury of any other age group, averaging twice the risk of all other workers.”

Founded in 2003, CareerSafe’s mission is to deliver Safety Education for America’s Future by offering affordable, informative and interactive online safety training programs including OSHA 10-Hour safety training courses. These programs provide a foundation for a long and safe career by educating students on health and safety practices, laws and their rights as workers. Students who complete the training receive a national recognized employment credential. CareerSafe has enrolled more than 600,000 students throughout the United States. In this time, there has been an average 4 percent annual decrease in the number of workplace injuries among young workers as the importance of a workplace safety initiative continues to rise.

Teverbaugh adds, “We chose an online format based on the premise that young people communicate, interact and learn online. Our audience has grown up in a world where a level of online interactivity is a normal part of everyday life. Through our innovative “Youth-to-Youth” design; we are able to engage workers on a more relatable level that helps them conceptualize workplace safety as a lifelong priority.”

With such an innovative approach, CareerSafe believes no young worker should be denied workplace safety training based upon their socioeconomic status, where they live, go to school or work. With this in mind, access to the training is available anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.

Headquartered in College Station, TX, CareerSafe has partnered with leading technical and safety organizations, as well as student groups to support and create awareness for safety as a life skill. These include organizations such as SkillsUSA, FFA, HOSA, ACTE, FCCLA and FBLA. This allows CareerSafe to support students in the classroom and the workplace.

Teverbaugh concludes with, “No job, no matter how well it pays, should place a young worker at risk of injury, illness or death. Our desire to provide a foundational understanding of safety and health education includes providing scholarship opportunities and promotion of safety in all environments. Our purpose may start in the classroom but it takes a community of students, educators and employers to make and keep workplaces a safe environment for everyone.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Worldwide Business, comments, “We take special pleasure in bringing companies such as CareerSafe to the attention of our viewers. We’re sure many of those who view this interview will find a potential application of this training in their companies.”

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