Nina Aarthun Announces Release of fun Children’s Book “Buck and Miss Penny’s Day at the beach” a Wonderful Bedtime Story That Educates Kids About Money

Many parents find it a challenge to figure out how to educate their children about money. Author Nina Aarthun recently announced the launch of her new kid’s books that can certainly help, “Buck and Miss Penny”. “Buck and Miss Penny” is not only a fun and interesting bedtime story, but it educates about money along the way. Parents and their children couldn’t be more pleased.

Many parents would agree, a kid’s bedtime book that’s not only fun and interesting, but helps educate is pretty close to a dream come true.  That’s exactly what author Nina Aarthun is offering with her new release “Buck and Miss Penny”, a children’s book that not only entertain, but also can help to educate kids about one of the more difficult subjects – money. The very professionally illustrated story has been met with enthusiasm.

“It’s really wonderful to see ‘Buck and Miss Penny’ released in such a professional way,” commented the author.  “The story first came to me when I was ten or eleven, so it’s been developing for a long time and seeing it come to life is fantastic.  This is a fun and different kid’s book, that could lay the foundation for an abundant attitude towards money when they get older.  And an abundant attitude towards money is a secret to success.”

According to Aarthun, the story tells the tale of two friends who live together – a dollar bill and a penny – who sets out for adventure in the world around them.  Along the way, the two friends deliver an entertaining story for an adult and child or children to enjoy together; an eye opening perspective on the world from money’s perspective that hasn’t been delivered in a kid’s story before; and an effective way to teach children important lessons about money that could stick with them for years to come.

Early reviews have been very passionate for the Book.

Christine C., from Illinois, recently said, “My son and I love ‘Buck and Miss Penny’.  Five star story, art and lessons. I hope a sequel is on the way! Fully recommended.”

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