The Netflix of Healthcare Emerges


The netflix of heathcare

Ardina offers affordable and accessible healthcare for everyone.

About Ardina

Ardina is modernizing healthcare to make it more accessible, affordable and convenient for everyone.  As an Ardina member, customers gain unlimited, 24/7 virtual access to licensed healthcare professionals on the phone and online and great discounts on out-of-pocket expenses, such as prescriptions and dental and vision services.  Ardina puts members in control of their healthcare with on-demand access, better insight on pricing, and tools to help families shop for healthcare smarter. One membership can be used by an entire household, and the base Select membership is just $10/month.

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Why Ardina?

• 24/7 Access: Ardina connects you to doctors via videochat or telephone when you are ill, so you can actually stay in bed when sick.

• Mental Health: Unlimited access to professional psychologists and other mental health support resources via Doctors Online app.

• Pharmacy at Your Fingertips: Locate your nearest pharmacy and average prices for your prescriptions on a mobile app.

• Discounted Prescriptions: Ardina has a plethora of partnerships with Walgreens, Kroger, CVS, and many other pharmacies to provide you exclusive deals on your prescriptions.

Will Ardina Work For Me?

The cost for health insurance for small businesses is on the rise and employers struggle to fully support their employees. Ardina offers an affordable healthcare supplement to give business owners a way to provide for their employees. Families and independents can also benefit tremendously with the services provided by Ardina, and can buy a membership directly at

Ardina Customers Speak

“I used Ardina’s Teladoc service on a Sunday night and was able to speak with a doctor in less than 15 minutes.  Within an hour, my prescription was filled at my local pharmacy, I received a 35% discount on it, and I had a doctor’s note to send my boss. I saved more than my membership fee in one avoided trip to the urgent care trip, and more importantly could stay in bed and rest when sick.”

“When one of my kids gets pink eye or an ear infection, I already know they need an antibiotic but still have to drag them all to the pediatrician and pay $100 out of pocket to see the doctor. With Ardina, I can talk to a doctor on the phone at any hour of the day for $0 in consultation fees, and can avoid the inconvenience of taking them all to the doctors’ office.”

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