Enrich Indoor Activities by Having an Airwheel Q6 mini mobility twin-wheel scooter

If you want to try some slightly intense sport, riding Airwheel Q6 can conform to your mind. That sport can be done at home or indoor places without sweating profusely. It is going to enrich your indoor activities.

Activities like singing, gardening, and reading can bring out the best in your child. Some other intense sports are ball games to make players exhausted, sweat running down like raindrops. For those people, they don’t like to sweat a lot. Riding an Airwheel Q6 twin-wheeled electric scooter is a sort of sport, not too tender or intense. It’s cozy and enjoyable for these people preferring to slightly intense sports indoors.

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Airwheel Q6 rolls on a twin-wheel powered by recyclable batteries. Its dimension is 352mm*190mm*531mm, which is available to be used at indoor conditions. Premium quality underlined by fine texture crafted with special techniques is meant for users with high-end tastes. Exquisite as it appears, Q6’s case is featured with anti-scratch and abrasion. Its sleek design reveals a touch of green life since the cushion pads are shaped a circle in color of green, blue, or red. The cushion pads used to protect users from get scraped or bruised are replaceable among green, blue and red versions. This mini mobility twin-wheel scooter weighs 11.1kg coming with a handle, which makes it more portable when it needs carrying to pass stairs.

In regards to its operational approach, it is not very difficult if riders have a good balance on the one wheel. Its march all depends on body movement except that the battery provides the driving force. If riders want to retrograde, leaning body backward is to roll into the reverse. Another feature is that when the scooter tilts sideway over 45?, the control system will activate tilting protection. In the meantime, the motor will stall immediately to avoid getting hurt. Thus, it’s safe to ride it.

Airwheel Q6 self-balancing twin-wheel scooter

With Q6 self-balancing electric scooter, users can make the thing of doing housework more interesting. It’s feasible to ride Airwheel Q6 self-balancing twin-wheel scooter on the path of backyard. Actually gardening is a terrific job, and thanks to the scooter, it is more artistic. Hence, Q6 electric scooter is a not only a moveable tool, but also an amazing outfit to enrich indoor activities.

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