New Free eBook, The Savings Bible, Helps People Live By Reducing Their Every Day Expenses

A new Free eBook has been hailed as the most exciting money saving book in recent years. The book, which was written by Ed Klaameyer, provides the reader with tips and advice on how to save money on everyday and luxury items, as well as living for less.

In recent years, since the economic crisis of 2008, tens of millions of people have been struggling financially. With high unemployment, low wages and the high cost of living, families all over the world have been forced to turn to payday loans, a 2nd job, additional part-time work, just to survive. Now, thanks to a new Free eBook called, The Savings Bible, which was written by Ed Klaameyer, people are now learning about some new ways to make their money go further and Ed lists some traditional common sense ideas that save money, and how to purchase everyday items for a lot less.

The book, which is available by visiting has received positive reviews from families who have used the tips and advice to save money and stretch their finances further. It covers all the important topics and shows the reader how to save money with coupons, how to save on household bills, and even DIY. The easy to follow tips can make and have made a positive difference for personal finances. People who have read the book are finding that their finances are now being stretched a little further, and in many cases, it is enough to ease the pain of a financial shortfall week-after-week instead of turning to payday loans with high-interest rates.

The author of The Saving Bible Book, Ed Klaameyer said: “I would read in the newspapers how more families were giving up quality family time, seeking out additional jobs outside of the home, Internet job postings and even turning to payday loans to survive. Once on these payday loan treadmills, it can be very hard to get off, so I decided to write a book and help people learn how they can tighten their budgets and stretch their money further.”

There are 110 saving secrets that can make a big difference to a family that is struggling financially.  It does not matter where the in the world they are, by following these tips, an individual and even a family may not have to struggle financially any longer.

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The book is available as a free download. By visiting the site, it will then be made available. There are 110 saving secrets that will provide people with the power to make their money last longer.

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