Joe Exotic ”Joseph Maldonado” The Peoples Voice Runs For President Of The United States

OKLAHOMA, US – Dec 08, 2015 – Joe Exotic as the world knows him, Joseph Maldonado is his real name has filed and been placed on the Federal Election Campaign website as an Independent Candidate running for the 2016 election for the President of the United States.

One of the most unusual people there is out there and he tells it straight up.

“Maldonado has more intrest in the people of this country that has never had a voice before. It seems all the other Candidates have nothing to do with the farmer, the rancher, the person that works 40 hours a week and has more of their rights taken away daily by the very people that have taken an Oath to look out for them,” says Joe.

“It’s time to kick the Lobbyist and the Animal Rights along with the special intrest groups out of the politicians pockets,” he also added.

As he is right about one thing and that is most politicians don’t even read a bill they introduce, just because they accept donations from these groups. This is the chance of the people of this country to speak up and be heard. 

Maldonado is the first Candidate in history to be about the young people of this country and able to interact with them while also gaining the respect of the  older crowd. Joe  says, “How can you save a generation that you have nothing to do with. Politicians are about the rich and the powerful, they never get out and beat the side walks and really get to know people and hear their issues. It’s time we give Americans their voice back,” he said.

Governor Kasich of Ohio is  just one exammple of how politicians take from the people and tax payers and give it to friends. Kasich took 6.4 Million dollars and gave 1/4 million dollar contracts to friends just days after sending in swat teams to people homes and taking their animals.

Maldonado has many issues such as  Social Security, Health Care, gun rights, Medicare, and the list goes on. He seems to be here for the people.

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