RATP mandates PWRstation to deliver solar energy at 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21)

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Dec 08, 2015 – As part of its intelligent city innovation policy for sustainable development, the state-owned public transport operator RATP Group, also known as the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, has solicited a tri-partite technical collaboration between RATP, CAPSA Container and PWRstation SA to deliver autonomous solar energy solutions at certain of its temporary bus shelters that will be used to welcome visitors as they make their way from Le Paris-Bourget to the 21st Climate Conference held in Paris.

From 4 to 10 December, more than 50,000 visitors are expected to attend what will be one of the largest international conferences ever held in France.

PWRstation, which designs, manufactures and markets preassembled, transportable “plug and play” solar generators (“gensets”) for residential, commercial and off-grid use, is providing the cleantech power source.

In view of the event’s transient nature, the goal of this collaborative initiative is to deliver a sufficient quantity of environmentally clean energy to illuminate one bus shelter autonomously and temporarily.

For the event, PWRstation is using 1.5 kW PWRstation Genesis® mounted and deployed atop one of the bus shelters, while Enphase Energy, a world leader in micro-inverter technology is providing the integrated power management devices. 

PWRstation’s Chief Commercial Officer Gianfranco Albertella adds, “We are particularly honored to participate in such an important event, and thank the RATP for their vote of confidence in our solar products. We are also grateful to Enphase Energy which, thanks to the flexibility of its micro- inverter systems, has made ​​a valuable contribution in the realization of this project.”

PWRstations are uniquely engineered to remove the complexities, time and costs associated with traditional fixed solar installations.  The company’s unique solar gensets are based on PWRstation’s patented retractable racking technology that enables record breaking speeds to activation and reduces installation soft costs. Currently offered in 1.5 kW to 5 kW power outputs, PWRstation gensets are designed for scalability and can easily be interconnected to multiply energy output as needed.

Additional PWRstation advantages include full rooftop access that substantially reduces scheduled roof maintenance and repair costs in grid-tied, urban situations, as well as mobility and rapid deployment for rural electrification, temporary humanitarian, military and emergency situations.

About Enphase Energy:

Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company, is leading the charge to bring smart, connected solar energyo every home, business and community. The company delivers simple, innovative and reliable energy management solutions that advance the worldwide potential of renewable energy.  Enphase has shipped approximately 9 million microinverters, and over 340,000 Enphase residential and commercial systems have been deployed in more than 95 countries.

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About PWRstation:

PWRstation is a solar products development company committed to clean, renewable and environmentally sustainable energy that is affordable, easy to access and rapid to activate. Engineered in Switzerland, PWRstation’s proprietary Genesis® retractable solar racking system technology and its pre-assembled and transportable  activation-ready solar gensets remove the complexities, time and cost of traditional solar installations; bringing economies of scale to a global industry characterized by time and labor intensive custom-built projects.

The company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with offices in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, Miami, Florida and Charlottes, North Carolina, USA. 

PWRstation is a member of SEIA, Swisscleantech, Swissolar and Electrosuisse.

For more information please visit: www.PWRstation.com  and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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