Today’s #1 Must Read! ”Through The Prism” by Chaz Madison

Was ancient mankind really primitive? What was Noah’s world realy like? If you’ve ever wondered then check out “Through The Prism.” It just may shed a bit of light on your curiosity.

DUNNELLON, FL – Dec 08, 2015 – Award winning author, Chaz Madison has launched his widely anticipated book “Through The Prism“.  With an ‘insightful yet provocative expose’ of traditional church teachings, Chaz completely re-writes ancient biblical and secular world history.

Discover what the “world that once was” actually looked like. Journey to the real locations of the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel and Noah’s Ark. Written from a biblically conservative perspective, Chaz uncovers a “glitch” in biblical chronology proving the Book of Genesis was the one single source used by the Sumerian and other ancient cultural historians.

A critical read for all critical thinkers – believers and non-believers alike.

Written by author Chaz Madison, this book will surely make you re-think your assumptions of our ancient history and cause you to consider the possibility that our traditional beliefs may not truly be what you think they are.

Now available at“Through The Prism” will surely peak the interest of Bible history lovers (and critics) everywhere.

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