Stop USB Threats On Your Network, Protect Your Windows Endpoints

FULLERTON, CA – Dec 08, 2015 – Milton Security Group Inc., an adaptive network security appliance manufacturer, has released its newest edition of USBInformer®, the premier Endpoint Protection Solution.

Milton Security’s most popular network security appliance, the EdgeWall®, carries the lofty reputation of being adaptive, user friendly, and highly effective in protecting networks across the board, from education to the government sector.

Expanding on Milton’s industry-leading offerings, USBInformer® provides USB port security on every Windows based endpoint on your network. Using a real-time security monitoring service, the USBInformer® agent stops access to any USB device not approved by administrators. The web portal allows administrators to remotely grant or reject user access to new and existing USB devices.

From storage devices to bluetooth dongles, USBinformer® recognizes and controls all types of USB devices. It is even able to individually control devices connected to USB Hubs.

“USBInformer® brings a tighter and more granular protection to the Windows endpoint than ever before. This can mitigate threats like BadUSB and Malware,” said Ethan Coulter, President of Milton Security Group.  “We live in a day where we are given USB Memory sticks at every conference and meeting we go to, we need to make sure those devices do not propagate threats into your environment.”

USB Threats, they are real

How do you protect your organization, no matter how large or small it is, from the threat of BadUSB and Malware carried on USB Memory sticks and devices? BadUSB can pretend it’s a keyboard, mouse, network adapter or even a smartphone.  With the USBInformer® agent deployed, you can mitigate that threat by setting a policy that only allows particular devices on individual machines and by user. This will narrow the potential of an attack greatly.

Low Cost, High Protection with December Special Pricing.

The USBInformer® Starter Kit which includes the server and a license for 10 endpoints is only $280. Add on 50 License pack is $299, and the add on 100 license pack is $555. This includes software updates and fixes for 1 year.                 

About Milton Security Group, Inc.

Over 500 companies have suffered public data breaches in 2015 alone. Milton Security’s goal is to provide organizations with unparalleled levels of internal endpoint security. Milton’s network access control solution, the EdgeWall®, provides peace of mind by giving a company complete control over who is on their network, which machine they’re using, when they’re on, and what they’re doing with their access. For more than 8 years, Milton Security has ensured that C-level executives can rest easy, with complete confidence that their network is secure.

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