CORE Sets Out To Harness Blockchain Technologies to Empower Humanity

Core is an asset on the NXT blockchain that has being built with an emphasis on empowering people by deviating away from the traditional financial systems and harnessing the many benefits of blockchain technologies. The developers of CORE are optimistic that NXT has all the right elements that can trigger the second cryptocurrency revolution and Core aims to further its mainstream adoption by creating the means to expand cryptocurrencies and preserve wealth while exploring opportunities to generate revenue for shareholders. It has quickly become one of the most trustworthy and dynamic assets on the NXT blockchain.

“CORE understands how powerful a little team work, a little kindness, and a little morality is to success, especially in this day. CORE is not about profit at the expense of everyone else, it is a model of the future, a model that can be used by the rest of the world” – Damon

Modular cryptocurrency platform NXT is similar yet better than Bitcoin, businesses that have adopted NXT have begun using it to create crowdfunding campaigns, quickly develop and integrate new features like assets, trade on the blockchain, vote and multi signature transactions. Due to its functionality NXT has earned the status of being the Bitcoin 2.0.

One of the methods through which CORE aims to supplement the Bitcoin 2.0 revolution while allowing people to capitalize on its expansion is through CORE Media asset ( aims to continue bringing monthly returns for the asset holders by investing in real, forward thinking companies and projects, has 3 professional cryptocurrency traders, is backed by Gold and Silver, as well as Nxt, Bitcoin and other NXT assets such as SuperNET (

“Our goal is simple: supporting your business objectives on the Web, and putting the necessary technology in place to ensure your online success. At CoreMedia we go way beyond simply providing Web content management solutions. Instead we’re focused on providing you with the Web expertise and best practice technologies to deliver your business objectives online,” said CORE media spokesperson.

About Us:

CORE Media ( is an initiative that acts as a platform for legitimate assets built on Bitcoin 2.0 platforms to broadcast their ideas to the world. With their team of professional writers CORE Media will encourage legitimate assets and shame scam assets by reporting the most up to date good and bad cryptocurrency news from across the globe. The core media consists of: The Core Media website that features blockchain technology news and information.

CORE Radio: The radio broadcasts blockchain and cryptocurrency shows and news, including its own advertising campaigns.

CORE Magazine: The monthly magazine covers all blockchain media for people who have never heard of this technology, as well as by busy crypto investors.

Media Contact
Company Name: CORE Media
Contact Person: Martin, Executive Director
Country: Australia