Electric License Plate Flippers From James Bond Films on Sale Now

Besides the action, thrill and excitement of a Bond movie, Bond fans around the world keep a close eye on the gadgets that have helped the world’s best secret agent win the battle over evil and save the day. Regular people can now use such fictional gadgets that have become a reality due to technological advancements. One such a gadget a secret agent must have – a license plate flipper that flips a license plate by pressing a button inside the car – is now available for sale. Ava Parts Company (www.avaparts.com) started selling the iconic license plate switching gadget that featured on James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 in “Goldfinger” of 1964. The flippers are available for U.S, European and Motorcycle type frames.

The Ava Parts spokesperson said: “Our Electronic license plate flippers are flipping car numbers. For example, if you have 2 license numbers – simple and exclusive nominal, you don’t need to change them with a screwdriver. A single press of the button allows their simple changing. Like many ingenious inventions, license plate hider has a simple functioning mechanism. As soon as you press a panel key, the plate flipper turns on one hundred and eighty degrees providing a change of one number to another.”

In 1964, License Plate Relocator such as the one available for sale from Ava parts would have been a cutting edge idea. Amazingly, more than 10 gadgets that have been featured in the previous 24 Bond movies have become a reality. Take the example of the jetpack, which was never available for common people’s use has been made a reality by NASA. The jetpack which first appeared in Thunderball is one of the most iconic Bond gadgets till date. The real life jetpack propelled users 9 meters in the air at a speed of 10 mph; the jetpack joyride lasted for up to 30 seconds which made it unsuitable for a quick getaway or a surprise attack.

However, the Hide Away License Plate by Avaparts is one of the Bond gadgets that are available for consumers and it is highly effective at what its purpose. The construction of the flipper is designed in such a way that it can work even when fully submerged in water, explained the company spokesperson. The Hide Away License Plates have been manufactured out of metal for durability, the metal construction of the Flipper plates also makes it easy to maintain and offers increased protection against theft.

“The basis of the device construction is a metal with 1mm thickness, so it is not easy to dismantle the car number that allows you to protect it from theft. Stainless steel protects the plate from corrosion and unwanted damage even in extreme operating conditions. Removing the license plate from this frame is a difficult task. The special construction was developed in such a way that can properly do its work even if it is fully put into the water.” – explained Ava spokesperson.

Equipped with various gadgets that assist 007 in beating the bad guys Bond cars have always been a point of focus for fans. The iconic Aston Martin DB5″Goldfinger” of 1964 is a car that featured the Retractable License Plate along with a many other amazing modifications made to it- is recognized as the most renowned bond car. The DB5 featured machine guns, an ejector seat, bulletproof front and rear windscreens, oil slick function and smokescreen. Fans of the Bond car and movies might not be able to get the exact car the Bond has in Goldfinger, however, a car with an actual License Plate Relocator is within reach.

Avaparts offers free worldwide shipping with every order, with an estimated delivery time of 12-28. Avaparts is the manufacturer of license plates and other car parts they offer on their online store therefore buyers can be sure of the quality of each product offered by the company. Buyers’ purchases are further protected by a 12-month warranty and a possible 30-day money back guarantee. AVA Company has a commitment towards following the principles of quality and honest cooperation with the clients. The company has been able to establish a reputation of trust and quality with its worldwide customer base by offering only quality products, which is strictly controlled during the process of production. The license plate flipper is Ava’s top selling product admired by all people who own two number plates and recognize the hassle of changing switching them using a screwdriver.


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