Seattle rats with their mice shelter from the rainy season in homes and buildings.

“Gaps or flaws in foundations and slabs, or where the wall framing meets the foundation or slab floor, may provide large enough openings for rodent entry. Older buildings commonly have cracked foundations, cracked plaster or mortar, warped siding, or broke”
With the experience of rodent control expert ,Regularly inspecting and preventing a Rodent infestation of any kind is way cheaper,less expensive than having damage from rodents which could start with bad smell in the house or building,insulation damage even worse electrical damage that could lead to a building fire let a lone getting sick from their waste.

Do it yourself products and Knowledge of rodent control

Most rodent exterminators have reported that 99% home and building owners have tried some kind of rodent control especially for the rats and mice before calling a pest control company. The Rodent control expert went on to say “find the source of the problem would be the first step before trying to trap the rodents. Buying do it yourself products from stores does not mean they are going to work”.

Rats are extremely difficult to exterminate due to their rapid and constant breeding habits. Several species of rodents have the capability to squeeze into spaces much smaller than then themselves, making even the smallest holes or cracks entrances to homes or Commercial buildings. Like many unwanted pests, rodents cause severe damage to homes or businesses. Excessive chewing and breeding takes a toll on homes’s structure. Find one rodent, chances are there are multiple more hiding. A rodent infestation can happen in a buildings at an astonishingly fast pace. Quick professional extermination is the key to protecting homes from being infested.

RODENTS: RATS, MICE, SQUIRREL CONTROL: Prevent rodent entry in crawl space, basement or attic

-It is important to seal up and repair all entry points .

-Trim tree branches that may overhang the roof line.

-Remove firewood stacked against the building.

-Removal of any diet source: bird seed for example, because they attract the rodents is the first order of business.

-Gutter guards and covering down spouts will reduce the amount of rodents entering through the roof top and facial boards.

-Go about 4-5 miles away to relocate the squirrels or it will find it’s way back to your area.Trapping a squirrel is really the only way to get rid of it in your attic, once it has chewed a hole.


Most well trained mouse exterminators have a process they follow when getting rid of mice and rats. Find 3 mice exterminators or pest control companies in your area that deal with rodents then prepare a list of questions which will also include the price of the service. Finding the right exterminator is often a matter of asking the right questions. The cheapiest bid doesn,t mean they are qualified to do the job. Answering questions that make sense will get the job done.

Pest control specialists will quickly and humanely dispose of rodents. The best way to stop pest damage is to prevent animals from coming in at all. Rodent control experts can inspect  seattle homes or businesses and identify any potential entry points for raccoons, chipmunks, bats, rats, mice, squirrels and other pests. Giving information and knowledge to make sure no other rodent problems in the future.

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