An Individual Airwheel M3 good quality electric skateboards Hits the Streets

Since the wide world is full of wonders, it’s not to reach the degree to take the breath of you when an individual electric skateboard M3 made by Airwheel hits the streets. M3 is not that difficult to rein as you imagine.

Airwheel electric skateboard M3 rolls on a set of 4.5-inch grooved wheels, covered by a sturdy board for the feet to stand, which really looks like the normal skateboard. Airwheel offers users a chance to decorate the board by DIY. So the obvious individualism is reflected by the decals attached on the maple board. Riders can choose the available patterns from the buyer, but also do it by themselves to show their personality. That is the thing most trendsetters are keen on.

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This skateboard has a great performance when it’s used. It’s powered by original imported battery that makes it reach up to the maximum speed 18km/h. Apparently M3 motorized skateboard is different from traditional skateboards since it has driven motor whose power is supplied by the battery pack. Therefore, it’s labor-saving for riders to ride it without great efforts. Between the tires and board damping system is installed, creating a smooth ride on the rough road. Choosing M3 to move around streets is quite comfortable as well as fashionable. That’s real a hit on the streets in style with riding M3.

Airwheel M3 good quality electric skateboards

Airwheel M3 good quality electric skateboards is paired with a remote control providing free skateboarding. The remote control is in charge of the speed, direction and power. Slide the button forward, and M3 will speed up; slide the button backward, and it will slow down. It’s amazing to enjoy the variable speeds on the streets. With a remote control in rider’s hand, riding M3 gets more effortless. Enjoying the freedom and relaxation just rides M3.

Airwheel electric skateboard M3 from Airwheel has already hit on the streets. Showing personality is at this moment to take out your skateboard to hit on the road. Dare you to try M3 to reveal your DIY decals as well as you skill spinning on the board. Individual M3 can be your weapon to make you cool becoming a hit on the street.

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