High Paying Small Business Loans Affiliate Program Announced By BizCapRX

BizCapRX.com is a rapidly growing specialty online lending platform connecting small business owners with alternative funding resources. The BizCapRX online system is a free, no-obligation online tool for business owners throughout the USA.

New Brunswick, NJ – BizCapRX.com, a leading conduit for small business loans is pleased to announce a unique small business loans affiliate program offering high commissions to participants and a flexible offering of working capital financing options for small businesses, see here http://bizcaprx.com/affiliate-program. The program is especially popular among online affiliate marketers, accountants, financial planners and lawyers working on a referral basis and even local financial institutions.

BizCapRX is now accepting affiliates, distributorships and referral partners. Information can be found on the company website. This small business loans affiliate program is designed to accommodate referral partners as well as online marketers.

Businesses in America are hurting for working capital resources and banks aren’t lending to small businesses in a significant enough away. This scenario has created a significant opportunity for non-bank alternative lenders. For a bank perspective, a business doing 20 million dollars per year is certainly attractive. But small local businesses such as restaurants, auto repair shops or beauty salons doing a few hundred thousand dollars per year are unlikely to generate much interest from most banks.

So, there is a big gap to fill and the online lending market participants are filling it. Online lenders are experiencing enormous growth and helping to solve what seems a primary small business hurdle of how to get a business loan in the current environment.

The financial crisis of 2007/2008 changed everything for banks and created a dilemma for small business owners. There are more than 24,000,000 small businesses in America and each year more than 10,000,000 seek funding. But, approximately 70% or seven million do not receive the funding they need. The business of business lending has now largely moved away from banks and has moved online like so many other businesses. Some estimates state that more than 90% of business loan applications by small to mid-sized businesses are declined by banks due to either a lack of hard assets, poor credit or insufficient time in operation. So, the opportunity for non-bank lenders is significant.

Business owners seeking small business loans can get more information at http://bizcaprx.com/small-business-loans

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BizCapRX.com is an automated online small business loan resource platform connecting small business owners with lenders. BizCapRX.com serves small business owners from all 50 states in over 750 industries and is based in New Brunswick, NJ.

BizCapRX.com is an automated online small business loan resource platform connecting small business owners with lenders. These lenders, and not BizCapRX.com, provide funding to businesses in the form of working capital loans, non-collateralized loans, collateralized loans, small business loans as well as other alternative forms of financing as determined and offered by these 3rd party financing companies. BizCapRX.com is not a lender or funder. BizCapRX.com does not make credit decisions or funding decisions, does not interact with clients and functions strictly as an automated online marketing lead generator for 3rd party funding companies.

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