A New Perspective to View electric skateboards distributors Airwheel Z3 with Ability of Infinite Range

A new innovation the unique battery design in Airwheel Z3 electric scooter is a sort of welfare for all players of scooters. Of course, this innovation needs to be viewed from a new perspective which is more responsible for consumers.

The biggest draw in Airwheel Z3 self-balancing electric scooter is the battery design except for two foldable pedals, and retractable handlebar. What makes the battery design so special called the innovation in Z3? The battery pack composed of 20 batteries with 3.6v-4.2v is fixed on the operating arm. The battery pack is held by a simple holder which makes the process of swapping battery handy. Only if riders carry countless spare batteries, then Z3 can realize the infinite range. That has already posted tout as the shinning advertising slogan. In theory, it’s correct without any logical errors, however, this saying is impossible.

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When most riders see the battery pack, they can’t imagine how heavy it is. The above picture can makes all consumers have a clear awareness of the battery weight. The clear number showing on the scale is 0.581kg. A full charge battery can last one hour if Z3 runs at the maximum speed 17.1 kilometers per hour. Riders should carry 6 battery packs to cover 100 kilometers. Since one battery pack is hanged on the vehicle’s handlebar, the left 5 should be carried on rider’s back wrapped by a packsack.

The total weight throwing on the back is 2.905 kg. The width of battery shell is 8.5cm, and length is at least 20cm. Since the volume of the battery pack is small, riders must have a big packsack to hold 5 ones since there is no rear box for Z3 electric scooter. Additionally, the price of one imported battery back is quite expensive at least $120. No one will buy another 5 spare batteries except that he has an eccentric thought.

Z3 electric scooter

From the statements mentioned above, it’s really unpractical to make electric skateboards distributors Airwheel Z3to realize the infinite range. Although that saying can be reasonable in the ideal conditions, for most riders it’s infeasible. It seems it’s a little frustrating about this battery design. But there is another advantage that it’s really useful for riders. The battery pack fixed on the bar allows them to ride in rainy days.

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