Canada’s Tamilnadu Community Centre starts a fundraiser for Disaster Relief in Chennai

The Tamilnadu Community Centre has started a crowd funding campaign on website for Chennai disaster relief. The funds will be utilized to support the flood affected people in the city of Chennai and Cuddalore.

India’s fourth largest city is submerged in water due to the recent heavy rainfall and the disastrous flood followed by it. The areas near to the sea shore have been affected the most by it while the streets are filled with water.

More than 1200 people are reportedly, killed in the floods, homes are destroyed and the regular lives of people has stood still since past many weeks.  Chennai and Cuddalore saw one of the heaviest rainfalls in past hundred years killing more than thousand people, leaving many homeless and starving for food as well as cutting off more than 3 million people from basic necessity for several days.

The floods have majorly destroyed the city and people have lost their homes, vehicles, household items, cash and more. The floods also resulted in hindered communication, electricity, food supply, transportation, water supply and healthcare services.

Chennai is in dire need of support from people and the reason why the community has started this campaign. The entire amount raised from the campaign will be given to hospitals for providing medical support to the flood affected people.

The success of the campaign will ensure that the medical help reaches to the people in need without any cost to them.  The community will also post the list of hospitals on Facebook along with other details. Many NGOs have reached out to the community for support and this campaign will allow them to contribute their part in the disaster relief for Chennai.

The Tamil Nadu Community Centre will also submit complete financial statement of this fund for the supporters after the project is completed.

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