The interactive Storybook, Jimmy and the Magic phone is now available on Indiegogo

Jimmy and the magic Phone, is a whole new way of storytelling to the kids which combines a hard copy of the story book along with a mobile application. The interactive storybook is now available on Indiegogo for pre order while the goal of the campaign is to raise €19000. The campaign has received a steady start and many people have shown positive response to it.

Storytelling is an important part of every kid’s growth stage as it encourages knowledge, imagination and creativity. Considering the same Jimmy and the Magic phone has combined conventional story telling with modern technology to create an interactive and innovative method of storytelling.

It consists of 28 pages of hardcover storybook with a unique story line as well as colorful and attractive illustrations which catch the eyes of the readers. Along with the book, there comes a mobile application which makes the storytelling much more interactive.

The Image recognition technology in the app expands the story and runs it like an animation to make it highly interactive and more interesting. The app is available for both iOS and Android operating system and also features games to progress the story further.

The high quality and captivating music and immersive sound effects keeps the user submerged into the story.  The app also provides an option to the users to view the demo of the storybook and allows them to print the story page or view the story page on desktop screen. The user will just have to download the app and point it to the dragon for making the story go live on their mobile phone.

The Indiegogo campaign provides a variety of perks and rewards to the backers such as with a contribution of €10, the backer’s name will be featured on the webpage credits of the storybook.  To own the interactive storybook at an early bird price, the user can make a contribution of €24. By pledging for €50, the user can get the story book as well as their name mentioned in the credits. 

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Company Name: Rain Projects LTD
Contact Person: Dimitris Chassapakis
Country: United Kingdom