Creators of Change Giving App Launch Kickstarter Campaign

The creators of a new Change Giving app have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise development funds.

Change Giving is a social media charity app that allows users to donate spare change to charitable causes and conduct their own fundraisers for their favorite groups.  Whether used by individuals or non-profits, Change Giving centralizes giving and makes it much simpler and hassle-free.  Users can send both small and large donations or can choose to round up their loose change and donate a percentage each month.  Now, the creators have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds for this app.

Change Giving has been called the “Facebook of charitable giving“.  It helps organizations to create long-lasting relationships with supports and to stay in constant contact with donors, allowing them to see the impact of their donations.  Allowing donors to see how their money is being used is an important factor in generating donations, and Change Giving helps users track this important data easily.  For example, a typical message from Change Giving might say, “Thanks for Giving your change this month to our food bank – we were able to provide over 500 meals for the homeless this month!”

Users can follow friends and family as well as public figures to learn what causes they support. They can stay updated on where the money is going, and easily access the charities they follow and support, interacting with them on a very personal level.

As seen at, the Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels from $2 to $5,000, with prizes ranging from free downloads to an all-expenses-paid trip to Walt Disney World.

For more information specific rewards associated with various pledge levels, see the Kickstarter page.

About Change Giving App:  

The Change Giving app is a unique application that allows users to donate to their favorite causes with their spare change.  It also features a social media aspect where users can share information about worthy causes.  The creators have now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development of this app.

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