Hailstone launches the new ice remover tool, ‘Auto Ice Scraper Mitt’ on Amazon

Hailstone has launched their new product, Auto Ice Scraper Mitt, which is a funky looking Ice remover tool for vehicles. Considering the winter season and the heavy snowfall in many areas, the company has come up with the product to resolve the problem of scrapping ice out of snow covered vehicles. The Ice Scraper Mitt glove keeps hands warm while it is shaped in form of a reindeer to give a soft-toy like feel.

Ice scraper mitt is waterproof which means it retains warmth and keeps hands dry while scrapping ice out of vehicles in the chilling winters. The compact size allows it to be carried around while travel or office.

The strong and robust construction of the product ensures that it works best even in harshest winters and cuts through ice, snow and frost firmly without bending or any risk of breaking.

Despite its strong build, the Ice scraper mitt glides smoothly over the car windshield without leaving any skips. The eye catching design is add on which is created keeping in mind the Christmas and Holiday season. It is a convenient and fast method to remove ice from vehicles as compared to other conventional methods.

The product is made to look stylish while being efficient in the task it is meant to do. The scraping leverage is increased due to its ergonomic design which results in faster and more efficient cleaning of the ice. The heavy duty scraper allows the user to wipe of the ice with lesser efforts.

The users have given positive feedback to the product on Amazon such as Sandra Lynx who mentions in her review, “This works great and keeps your hands warm while you’re scraping the ice. I do recommend it to people who don’t want their hands to be chilly”.

Due to huge demand, the product is currently out of stock and will be available again on 10th December 2015 at Amazon.

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