Torq Athletic Gear Initiates Kickstarter Campaign in Preparation for the Launch of SnapFlask

Cyclists to Raise $12,000 to Introduce New Cage-Less Magnetic Water Bottle Holder Solution to the Marketplace

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Torq Athletic Gear announced today that the company has initiated a Kickstarter campaign to prepare for the launch of SnapFlask, a new cage-less magnetic water bottle holder. The company aims to raise a total of $12,000 and begin shipping the product to pre-order customers and Kickstarter backers in January 2016.

SnapFlask, marketed as the ultimate magnetic bottle holder for cyclists, allows users to attach any size bottle or hydration system to their bicycle. The universal solution audibly clicks securely into a neodymium mount, which is 10,000-times stronger than regular ceramic magnets, to provide a simple, stylish and safe alternative to water bottle cages. And unlike the clunky plastic alternatives, SnapFlask secures bottles without wobbling or vibration, and allows users to retrieve or replace their water bottles while in motion with ease.

The SnapFlask system includes one precision cut stainless steel base plate, two neodymium base mounts, two stainless steel socket space cap head screws and one adjustable nylon strap, which can accommodate any size water bottle. A premium lightweight carbon fiber model will become available once Torq Athletic Gear raises $14,000. All mounting hardware needed to attach the SnapFlask to a bicycle is included with each order.

SnapFlask has undergone rigorous testing and can be used anywhere from the road or mountain paths to park trails and spin classes. The product is developed by a team of cyclists under the leadership of Torq Athletic Gear founder Chris Evans. The team is committed to four primary design values: simplicity, aesthetics, performance and consistency.

Donors who pledge a total of $25 or more are eligible to receive one or more SnapFlasks as perks for participating in the Kickstarter campaign. At the $25 level, donors will receive two stainless steel SnapFlasks. At the $50 level, donors will receive one limited edition carbon fiber SnapFlask. Donations of $63 or more will earn three stainless steel SnapFlasks. Perks can be shipped anywhere in the world and U.S. shipping is free. Donations will not only propel the company into its first phase launch, but also help the company begin expanding to other models and other attachments for the patent-pending attachment system.

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