Quick Stitch Sewing Kit a Number 1 Gift Item on Amazon

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dec 09, 2015 – You might remember replacing a button, a torn garment, or fixing a hem back in the day.  Pulling out the bulky family sewing kit was sometimes cumbersome and awkward to deal with.  And then trying to find the right needle, the right color of thread, or the ever illusive pair of scissors that seemed to always be missing just when you needed them most, was some times a frustrating event.

It used to be that every girl learned to sew.  And maybe you remember when Home Economics was offered to both boys and girls who learned the basic hand sewing skills. Those days are gone. Technology interests have replaced learning these kinds of simple skills. We hardly ever see basic sewing stitches and techniques being taught any more. 

But everyone in the family can benefit from knowing a few sewing tricks.  For instance, when a button pops of, or a hem comes unraveled, or even a rip or tear in your clothing.  It isn’t so difficult when you’re at home and one of these incidences occurs if you have the right supplies and know where they have been placed.  But what about when you are at the office, at school, out and about, or when your child is in a sporting event or a dance performance and suddenly there is a need to repair a garment or do a quick fix to a costume?  

This mini Quick Stitch Sewing Kit is the perfect solution for your home, emergency and travel sewing needs. It contains all the essential sewing supplies and notions you will need for a small-scale quick repair or project. This compact sewing kit contains 24 quality stainless steel needles of various sizes, a pair of high quality sharp stainless steel scissors, 12 spools of assorted popular colors of thread, a seam ripper, two needle threaders, a 60” measuring tape, straight pins, safety pin, metal thimble, and shirt buttons.  

It makes an ideal starter sewing kit for kids as well as a handy all-purpose sewing kit for active on the go adults. Because of its professional quality, you will never need to worry about the unexpected mishap ruining your day. Get one for every member of the family .  Try It, You’ll Love It! 

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