Best 420 Grinders Publishes New Guide To The Best Marijuana Grinders Of 2015 has created a year in review guide to the best marijuana grinders, with fully ranked comparisons and individual product reviews.

Marijuana is now becoming legal in a growing number of states across America, and the result is a huge increase in demand for the accessories required to effectively smoke weed. One of the most fundamental requirements is the grinder, which breaks down the marijuana into small enough pieces to be rolled and smoked. Best 420 Grinders is a website that reviews these products in detail, and it has now released their guide to the top five weed grinders of 2015.

The year in review post on Best 420 Grinder’s website brings together the top five best rated grinders to a comprehensive shortlist of the best products on the market for all budgets. These include the Chromium Crusher, Space Case, Santa Cruz Shredder, Cali Crusher and Mendo Mulcher. The rankings allow people to see at a glance what the best investment will be, while the rest of the post explores the items in detail.

The top two choices, the Chromium Crusher and Space Case, manage to dominate the discussion. The first is considered the ultimate budget crusher while the space case is the grinder for people who want to spend more money to get the very best. The remaining choices also have merits, which are discussed and evaluated in depth.

A spokesperson for Best 420 Grinders explained, “This post has arrived just in time for those looking for stocking fillers for Christmas, and I’m sure the products listed will be the foundation of any best of 2016 list when it gets to the new year. These products are excellent quality, but vary in price and results, meaning individuals can let their own budget or tastes determine which to buy, while knowing they will get a great product by choosing one of our top picks. We look forward to helping more people get the best marijuana smoking experience in 2016, and will update the rankings as new releases hit the market.”

About Best 420 Grinders: Best 420 Grinders is an online resource center that reviews and recommends marijuana grinder products sold online. The website is regularly updated with the latest reviews and recommendations, together with insights into the broader marijuana industry. The site also publishes tips and lifestyle articles designed to help people get the best of marijuana culture. For more information please visit:

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