Dr. Robert T. Christ, DMD, DDS Reports on Therapy for Patients with a Phobia

Therapy helps individuals overcome their fear of the dentist while reducing the need for sedation, reports Dr. Robert T. Christ, DMD, DDS

According to WebMD, approximately 9 to 20 percent of Americans avoid visiting a dentist as they suffer from fear or anxiety, and this is a problem seen across the globe. Dental phobia affects many and leaves them terrified and panic-stricken. Although these individuals understand their fear isn’t rational, they struggle to overcome it and typically only visit a dentist in extreme circumstances. Thankfully, as dentist Dr Robert T Christ explains, therapy can help patients in this situation.

“Even those in the medical profession who understand the risks of poor oral health may avoid going to the dentist due to their overwhelming fear. In fact, up to 75 percent of individuals experience anxiety and fear when the time comes to visit a dentist. This may lead to appointments being postponed or canceled, and this avoidance can lead to more serious health issues,” Hudson NH dentist Robert Christ explains.

Cognitive behavioral therapy may help individuals who suffer from a fear of the dentist. A study conducted at King’s College in London found that the combination of talk therapy and behavioral modification helps individuals overcome this fear and offers a long term solution to this common problem. The therapy covers various topics, such as signaling the dentist to stop, determining how much information is provided and drilling of the tooth. The drilling portion is reserved for last, as this is one thing many patients fear.

“With the help of this therapy, individuals find they are better prepared for a trip to the dentist. In fact, 79 percent of patients who underwent therapy found they didn’t need sedation once the therapy was complete. Only six percent went on to request sedation following therapy,” Dr. Christ states.

Dr. Christ is known for working with patients who suffer from a fear of the dentist. He consistently obtains positive reviews on various websites, including Yelp, and patients know they can count on him to provide a positive experience. Individuals no longer need to fear visiting the dentist, as there are methods available to help those who suffer from this phobia.

“Make an appointment today to learn more about treatment options for those who struggle with a fear of the dentist. Oral health is too important to be ignored, and individuals need to make this a priority. Be sure to check out Dr Robert Christ on Yelp and other sites also. Information is a wonderful thing to have in this situation,” Dr Christ reports.

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Dr. Robert T. Christ, DMD, DDS offers general dentistry services in Hudson, NH and works with patients who suffer from a fear of the dentist to ensure they receive the dental care they need in a positive environment.

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