The Revolutionary Solar-Powered Watch Strap for Pebble Time

Taipei City, Taiwan – On October 28 2015, GIXIA GROUP launched a Kickstarter campaign for Ripple, an elegantly designed, comfortable, eco-friendly and durable solar-powered watch strap for Pebble Time. With Ripple, worries about your smartwatch’s battery dying will soon be a thing of the past.

“According to The US Department of Energy, every hour the sun’s energy falls upon our planet is equal to the amount of energy for the entire population to use for a year,” said Jung-Ya HSIEH, the designer of Ripple, “We wish to harvest this natural green energy at a personal level.”

Ripple is made using PDMS, a material that has excellent light conductivity and light trapping features. This characteristic has allowed the team to capture and transmit light to hidden solar cells, which is a breakthrough for conventional solar modules! 

Since Ripple can collect sunlight from up to 160 degrees, just one hour of sunlight can power the Ripple for up to 14 hours! This amazing technology means you will no longer have to charge your Pebble Time each week, because it will be charging automatically as you go about your day.

The GIXIA team has been working with prototypes of Ripple,which is almost complete. They have turned to the Kickstarter community for help raising the funds they need to bring this new product to manufacturing and are excited to introduce the Ripple to backers.

“We want to create a strap that would allow your smartwatch to perform better than a regular watch,” the team explained, “Forget the grid, the power bank, the cable charger, and the charging dock. We want a true smartwatch that lasts without having constantly worry about its battery power.”

In exchange for pledging to the project backers can gain access to a variety of limited rewards including one early bird Ripple strap for $59 or the special backer price of $69. Backers can also pledge $136 for two Ripple Straps, $300 for five Ripple straps and more! Rewards will be available until the Kickstarter campaign closes on December 12 2015.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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Company Name: Ripple
Contact Person: Hai-Ching Chang
Phone: +886-2-25233221
Country: United States