SpongeBath Tackles #1 Home Germ Source, Launches Kickstarter Campaign Industry-First Sanitizing Sponge Holder Will Kill 99.9% of Germs

NEW YORK, NY December 9, 2015 – Kitchen sponges are the germiest items in the home, harboring bacteria like E.coli, Staph and Salmonella that can cross-contaminate kitchen surfaces and put your family at risk of foodborne illness. SpongeBath Next Generation, a first-of-its-kind sanitizing sponge holder now being developed with a Kickstarter campaign, will help keep your loved ones healthy by killing 99.9% of germs, harmful bacteria and odors while also safely storing sponges between uses.   

“You wouldn’t serve dinner on a dirty plate. Yet wiping a surface or touching your hands, eyes or mouth after using a dirty sponge is far more dangerous because the dark, warm, moist microcrevices are an ideal breeding ground for germs and foodborne pathogens,” said SpongeBath inventors Tod Maitland and Matthew Flannery. “SpongeBath Next Generation will stop that cycle and create a cleaner, safer kitchen that helps protect everyone in the household.”    

Goodbye, Germs  

Sitting on the kitchen counter or securely attached to the side of a sink, SpongeBath keeps bacteria at bay through both a cleaning ‘bath’ and a clean storage system that prevents re-contamination from a dirty sponge holder. The hand-sized unit holds a sponge between two paddles that are lowered into a proprietary, eco-friendly, no-harsh-chemical cleaning formula. The patented compress-and-release paddle design creates suction, ensuring that the cleaning solution penetrates deep into sponge micro-crevices where bacteria can multiply into the billions in just 24 hours. A monthly-replaceable cleaning cartridge allows users to change the solution at regular intervals to maintain effective sanitizing. 

Used on a regular basis, SpongeBath helps prevent the spread of germs that would otherwise be transmitted through dirty sponges used to wipe sinks, countertops, cutting boards and dishes. No other single cleaning method provides the same safe and reliable sanitization, including microwaving, bleaching or placement in the dishwasher. And no other sponge holder provides a sanitary environment to guard against a new round of bacteria buildup.   

New & Improved 

The first-generation SpongeBath was introduced in September 2014 as a combined sponge holder and odor eliminator. SpongeBath Next Generation will add an improved cleaning formula with sanitizing capabilities as well as a series of design improvements, including an easier-to-load cleaning cartridge, an advanced LED reminder light for monthly cartridge replacement, and upgraded components and materials.  

“Dirty sponges are truly a health hazard. Bacteria grow in your sponge after every use, and they can get passed to whatever surface your sponge touches as you prepare and clean up from your family’s meals,” said Dr. Keri Peterson, a New York internist. “Unless you’re going to throw away each sponge after one use and replace it with a new one, SpongeBath Next Generation will be the easiest way to keep your sponges clean and safe.”   

 For more information, visit the Kickstarter campaign

KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN ENDS:  December 23, 2015 at 11pm EST  


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