Former Entertainment Manager Jimmy Rosamond Seeks To Sue For False Tupac Allegations

NEW YORK, NY – 12/9/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Attorney Bruce Maffeo of Cozen O’Conner released a statement on behalf of client and former entertainment manager James “Jimmy” Rosemond, disputing the false allegations written by Sidney Madden in a published article on November 2015 in XXL magazine entitled “Today in Hip-Hop: 2Pac Attacked at Quad Studios in New York City.”

The article states in part, “More than fifteen years later in 2011, an associate of Jimmy Henchman, Dexter Isaacs, admitted to carrying out the attack on the deceased Shakur. Henchman confessed to setting up the hit a year later in 2012.” The article, the writer calls James Rosemond, “Jimmy Henchman” and Tupac Shakur is identified by the public as “2Pac.”

Attorney Bruce Maffeo of Cozen O’Conner confirms that the claims are absolutely false, since Rosemond never made admission to being involved in that crime and unequivocally denies confessing to any such crime or crimes against rapper Tupac Shakur. In fact, Rosemond has always maintained that he has never known any knowledge or information regarding the matter.

In the wake of the Tupac Shakur biopic in production, directed by Benny Boom and future and currently scheduled releases of published works, the legal team for Mr. Rosemond felt it is necessary to clear up any and all false information. Maffeo states, “The allegation that James Rosemond “confessed” to shooting Tupac is completely false. There is no foundation for it in any of the documents I have reviewed as Jim’s criminal lawyer, and any statement otherwise is just another attempt to recirculate a baseless rumor that should have been laid to rest years ago. Mr. Rosemond specifically reserves all of his legal rights and remedies in the event of any further publication.” Sources close to the legal team for Mr. Rosemond believes that the rumor was sparked by U.S. Prosecutor Sonya Dayanda mentioning the shooting at sidebar with Judge John Gleeson and not in open court. The federal prosecutor apologized to Rosemond’s former attorney Gerald Shargall for the mishap immediately afterwards. 

These are some of the issues being addressed in an appeal filed by Mr. Rosemond and will be addressed on his official website and on social media handles @Jimmy_Rosemond on Twitter and @JimmyRosemond on Facebook, after the appellate process is complete. Please refer to the website for any and all updates regarding Jimmy Rosemond.

Lastly, Jimmy Rosemond has successfully sued the Los Angeles Times for publishing fake documents and false allegations in 2008. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount and an apology was issued to James Rosemond. While the published language in the recent XXL article, the allegations are whole-heartedly false and damaging to not only Mr. Rosemond, but to his family and he will not hesitate to proceed with a lawsuit for damages.


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