DGD Transport is Streamlining the Importation Process

MIAMI, FL, 12/9/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — DGD is excited to announce its streamlined importation process for food and food related products. DGD are specialists in matters pertaining to the U.S Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. There are a strict set of guidelines for importing goods, but with the help of DGD Transport the process can be expedited and stay away from setbacks.

With advance notice Customs clearance in Port of Miami/ Port Everglades can be granted access for containers en route to Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado. The transit of goods in the United States requires proper documentation, all of which DGD Transport has prepared professionally. Most importantly, they prepare the Importer Security Filing form.

Clients of DGD Transport benefit from expedited shipping and gain a competitive edge with the speedy service. Also, business owners do not need to spend time organizing the required paperwork for the transit of goods into the United States.

As of August 3rd 2010, 100% cargo screening on a passenger aircraft will be mandated! Currently 50% of cargo must be screened for passenger cargo (as of August 25, 2009). DGD Transport is one of the 400 currently approved Certified Cargo Screening Facilities. 12 staff members have gone through the CCSP Program and will have 100% of the staff members trained by the implementation date.

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