SEI Club, Where the Affluent and Beautiful Find Love

SEI Club, elite matchmaking and dating service offers high quality matches and private dating for the affluent and beautiful.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 12/10/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — SEI Club, the most exclusive dating service, is where the beautiful and affluent of the world are able to find like-minded singles with whom to form romantic relationships.

Says an SEI Club spokesperson, “We serve the most professionally, intellectually, and financially elite social circles in the entire world,” a club spokesman said. “Our members are accustomed to excellence, and that includes their love lives. Being selective means that our members can be confident that their matches are drawn from the same pool of accomplished professionals that they come from.”

Each applicant goes through an extensive screening process, including an in-person interview with a member of the club’s executive team. That process helps ensure the quality of the pool of matches available to members.

Among the criteria the service screens for are intelligence, sophistication, education, financial security and success. SEI Club members are good-natured, elite, quality singles. The matchmaking and dating club counts professionals, entrepreneurs, billionaires, CEOs, nobility, hedge fund managers, models and celebrities among its satisfied members.

In all, less than 35 percent of applicants are accepted. Membership fees for the service start at $1,200 for a basic membership and go as high as $1MM for an unlimited private membership. And to ensure its members are actually looking to date or form romantic relationships, only single men and women are accepted.

The club is international with singles in all major cities of the US and Europe, and it recently expanded to Asia (read more on the expansion here:

“Our female members are gorgeous, accomplished, warm, kind, feminine, and our gentleman members are successful, attractive, and a complete and total success in every way,” the club spokesperson said. “They are established, attractive gentlemen and women who give their best in all they do and only wish to receive the best in return.”

SEI Club reviews celebrate the superior service that members receive. Says one woman, “you’ve introduced me to my other half, he is the perfect balance to everything that I am, we love each other.”

Another gentleman member mentions that each and every woman he was introduced to fit all of his preferences and was breathtakingly beautiful – inside and outside.

SEI Club dating connects successful, independent professionals with people who they truly want to date, saving members from the time consuming and often unpleasant process of meeting unsuitable matches.

The members club also has a dating advice blog that gives members general and insightful information and tips regarding what does and doesn’t work in dating and relationships.

 An SEI Club spokesperson mentioned “Given the quality of SEI Club members, rarely would they seem to need advice, but third party insight is always of value at one point or another…no one knows everything and we’re all still perpetually growing on our own paths. What might seem obvious to one person is exactly what someone else needs to hear at that moment, so we provide that for members as well, it’s something they appreciate and enjoy. We’re all human.”

In terms of qualifying to participate, members must be available for relationships, accomplished, interesting, and have positive moral values and a positive life perspective.

Says a company spokesperson, “When it comes to relationships, the only thing that works is two healthy, happy, evolved people getting involved with each other. Each of the club’s matchmaking and dating club members fits in well with that description. ”

If you prefer a more private, screened, exclusive dating club, SEI Club is likely the right place for you.

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