Amoia fires up Seagal\’s Sniper movie

“Charlene Amoia on “How I Met Your Mother””
Former “How I Met Your Mother” star signs for “Special Forces” role

Former ”How I Met Your Mother” Star Charlene Amoia has been cast in Fred Olen Ray’s ”Sniper : Special Forces”, starring Steven Seagal, shooting in Los Angeles.

Rob Van Dam, Capt. Dale Dye, and Tim Abell help make up the cast of the war thriller.

Amoia, who is the female lead, recently won Best Actress for her performance in ”Live-Evil” earlier this month. Her other credits include ”American Reunion”, ”Seven Pounds” and “Fat”. On ”How I Met Your Mother”, she played the recurring role of Wendy the waitress.

Sent to rescue an American congressman being held by the Taliban in the remote Afghan village of Matubakh, SFC Vic Mosby (Tim Abell) is dismayed when several of his team are killed — but he suspects that there may be survivors who have been left behind.  His commanding officer refuses to let him mount a rescue, but instead sends him and his team to retrieve a truckload of vital munitions.  En route, Vic is shocked to learn he has a stowaay — go-getting NATO correspondent Janet Conrad (Amoia), a “spoiled rich girl” who is out to get her story, no matter the risk. In direct violation of orders, Vic detours back to the village to ascertain the fate of his comrades. It’s a virtual suicide mission, as he and his tiny team enter a town teeming with terrorists and face an uncertain fate…

Seagal plays SFC Jake Chandler, American Sniper.

Fred Olen Ray directs from his own script.


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