Switch between \”He\” and \”She\” to Won the Love from Consumers with S6 intelligent electric walkcar

It’s very interesting to endow vehicle with genders. Airwheel successfully labelled its products with “she” or “he” labels, and now Airwheel introduces its new products—S6 saddle-equipped scooters, to win the love once more from both “she” and “he”.

It sounds crazy but interesting to endow vehicles with genders. But it’s reasonable to say that products specially designed for males are labelled with “he” and those for females labelled with “she”. There are previous models in Airwheel family which are designed for man or women respectively, and, of course, they have been great successes. For instance, S5 electric scooters are designed for men who want wild and exciting riding experiences; A3 sitting-posture electric scooters are the elegant companions of female riders. The special designs of these products have made them the successes in many user groups. Now, Airwheel has introduced its new product model—Airwheel S6 electric scooters. Then what’s the label of S6 this time?

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/yeu-uvpNJJ0

Is it Labelled with “she”? It sounds reasonable because the Airwheel S6 intelligent electric walkcar have the elegant looks and the exquisite product details. The whole vehicle bodies are designed with streamlined styles. The seats according to ergonomic designs are adjustable to fit different sitting postures of riders. On the standing boards, Airwheel also installs the pedal of slide-resistant and anti-knock. Whatever riding postures riders take, Airwheel S6 will guarantee them with the most comfortable riding experiences. S6 will be as considerate and tender as girls to their good friends. So the label “she” on Airwheel S6 seems not to be odd.


Labelled with “he”? It’s interesting but it’s not wrong. The designs of Airwheel S6 always remind people of the tiny yet heroic robot Wall-E. And Airwheel S6 scooters truly have the great performances of helping people to cope with all kinds of difficulties in both life and work. The top burden capacity of S6 is 100 kg, and the top speed is 18 km/h. Most importantly, the abandonment of the control shaft frees both hands of riders for other matters. So for all short and middle distance travels in cities, Airwheel S6 sitting-posture electric scooters are the best options. 

So what should be on the label of Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped intelligent scooters?

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