Airwheel S6 intelligent electric walkcar – The Guarantee for Each Household to Have a Great Dinner

Christmas is one of the most important festivals in many countries, and many families gather together to enjoy the rare time of union. Turkey is the traditional dish in Christmas, however; with busy life, many people do not have time to prepare such a big dinner. The food delivery service springs up. Airwheel S6 can ensure the food delivery service safe and quick.

John is a young man with the entrepreneurial mind, and he opens a store for food delivery service. When Christmas is coming, his business become hot since many young people choose to order Christmas dinner with turkey for they are too busy and the preparation of dinner is too complex. John chooses Airwheel S6 to be the transport of the food delivery since this mini self-balancing scooter can avoid traffic jams and the scooter is easy to operate.

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Airwheel S6 is equipped with a saddle, so riders can sit on the saddle rather than standing on the platform for a long time. So the staff in John’s store can deliver the food in relaxation. If they feel tired after sitting for a period, they can also stand since the height of the saddle is adjustable. The tyres of the intelligent electric walkcar are 8-inch while its ability to hold the ground is strong. John’s staff can ride Airwheel S6 stably even in rainy day or snowy day.

The saddle-equipped electric scooter can also be controlled by the cell phone. Users just need to download the APP in their cell phone, and then they can position, lock or start the scooter by the remote control. If the staff carries too much food in hand, it may be difficult for him to lock the scooter. From the cell phone, riders can see the statistics of Airwheel S6, such as the time it is traveled, the remaining electric quantity and the motion trial. Riders can notice the electric quantity timely in case of any lack of electricity. 

With Airwheel S6, each customer can enjoy Christmas dinner timely. John’s business is prosperous with the assist of the electric motor.

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