Airwheel M3 good quality air board, the Perfect Christmas Performance for Students

Since Christmas is coming, every club in the campus will organize activities to celebrate it. As a result, club members try their best to come up with new ideas. Airwheel M3 can help them exhibit the perfect performance. As a newly-designed electric skateboard, Airwheel M3 will be the highlight in the Christmas party.

As an undergraduate, Lily is the member of cheering squad. When Christmas is coming, the cheering squad should arrange the performance which should be new and unique to celebrate the great festival. As a result, Lily decides to try something new, such as Airwheel M3 which is a new model of electric scooter.

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Airwheel M3 is the good quality air board, and it looks as the general skateboards but with electricity as power source. Riders can stand on it to travel with different postures and skills, or they can form various patterns. With wide tyres, Airwheel M3 can hold the ground strongly, so Lily and her team members will ride the motorized skateboards steadily. It is also equipped with damping block (TPU) which can reduce the uncomfortable feeling. Lily and her team members can ride it on the underground without any obstacles. 

Lily decides to perform a special dance riding the motorized skateboards to celebrate Christmas. The imported Sony lithium battery ensures the electricity quantity and a long-time traveling. Because of rehearsal, Airwheel M3 needs to be ridden every day. The high quality battery guarantees the electricity of the skateboards last for more than two hours without often using. So Lily can make the rehearsal with less charge. It also takes less time to charge Airwheel M3 fully than the general electric scooter.

The decals attached on the board of the wireless remote control skateboards are also changeable. So Lily and her teammates design the decals with certain pattern or logo through the online store of Airwheel. This can make the electric skateboards unique and make the promotion of cheering squad in the campus. Remote control is another point attraction for Lily. Airwheel M3 can be started, stopped or accelerated through the remote control, which will make the performance more beautiful since performers just press the remote control to control the skateboards. 

With the motorized skateboards, Lily and her team members will bring surprise to everyone attending the Christmas party.

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