Actress Ashley Park crowned Miss Asia USA

“Ashley Park”
Will soon appear in the film “Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter”

Ashley Park, from Little Rock, Arkansas, has won the coveted title of Miss Asia USA. 

The win came shortly after Park has was named Miss Korea and “later with the love and support of my fans and luck being on my side, I was announced as Miss Asia USA, 2015”, Park said in a recent interview. “It’s been such an incredible experience representing Korea, and I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything.”

Park, who said it was an “empowering experience”, says winning the title of Miss Asia comes with many rewards.

“The prize for me was being granted the opportunity to represent Korea. There is a lot of exposure for both the delegates and the winners. Miss Asia USA is highly regarded in the public eye, so the delegates must represent the organization to the best of their ability. The winner of Miss Asia USA is granted quite a few wonderful prizes from sponsors, including some incredible scholarships.”

Growing up in Little Rock, where her multi-ethnic background can easily take a backseat to the southern world of football, grits and gravy, Ashley keeps it alive through language, food and travel with her mother, a Pusan native.

From a young age, Park was a born performer. She entered the world of athletics as a kid, becoming a competitive athlete for many years. As an award-winning swimmer and 9-time state champion in cross-country and track, training was her top priority. She went on to run for the University of Arkansas, successfully competing as a Division 1 athlete for one of the top long-distance running schools in the country.

Before switching gears to acting, Park received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and Spanish, graduating early with honors and the title of an All-SEC Academic Athlete. An acting job on top soap “Days of Our Lives” led to Park’s change of course, as the beautiful brunette discovered a love for on-camera work – resulting in several more film roles.

Park, who aspires to make her mark on the world of indie filmmaking, with stories that inspire hope, self-confidence and courage, recently completed filming the movie ”Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter”.

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