Rain or Shine, Airwheel S6 intelligent electric walkcar Keep You Going

Do you still upset for holding an umbrella with one hand and the other mastering the handrail of bicycle in the rain day? Or are you still worrying about your cold hands when riding a motorcycle, a bike or an electric bike in winter, especially when meeting up with the naughty snow during Christmas? There is the electric scooter, Airwheel S6 that can solve both of the problems whether it is raining or shining.

People without good and convenient vehicles always feel terrible when it rains or snows. They are upset for holding an umbrella with one hand and the other mastering the handrail of bicycle in the rain day. Or they worry about their cold hands when riding a bike, a motorcycle or other electric bikes in winter. Riding S6 will keep you going, rain or shine.

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The traditional first-generation balance scooter is hard to keep balance since it only has two physical control spots while the sitting posture self-balancing scooter increases three physical control spots which become easier to keep balance and also easier for riders to learn. Besides, due to the increased spots, S6 intelligent electric walkcar adds a physical control rod, except the legs control rod. When riders choose to ride with sitting in the electric scooter, they can freely change the directions and speed without the handrails.

So when it rains, riders can hold an umbrella in their hands by sitting on the electric scooter; when it is winter, riders can keep their hands warm since there is no need for hands to control anything. Is it very practical and comfortable for you?

sitting posture self-balancing scooter

Normally whether it is comfortable or not to sit on Airwheel S6 depends on the height of the seat. Therefore, S6 electric scooter is designed to be equipped with adjustable seat cushion, which is a reflection of the “people-oriented” concept of Airwheel Technology. Even if meeting bad weather conditions, you will feel different by riding S6 electric scooter as it liberates your hands and lets you sit to ride with the most comfortable and elegant way.

Certainly if you hate to stay long in bad weather, the electric motor can take you to your home or destinations quickly with the fastest speed of 17km/h.

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