DPH Arms Announces Increase of AK47 Accessories To Accommodate Continued Popularity

Individuals need to ensure they purchase quality AK 47 accessories to obtain the desired results from the firearm, reports DPHArms.com

The automatic Kalashnikov, better known as the AK-47, is a popular weapon, with an estimated 75 to 100 million of these firearms across the globe. This is the equivalent of one for approximately every 60 individuals, according to The Globalist. All AK-47s feature the same design complete with a banana shaped magazine, yet there are several variations and names for this firearm. When an owner finds they are in need of AK-47 AccessoriesDPH Arms is the place to visit.

“DPH Arms offers a wide range of quality USA made AK47 Accessories to ensure each owner has exactly what they need for use with this firearm. In addition, as the site understands owners have different tastes when it comes to their firearms, the site also provides SKS stocks and SKS accessories to meet the needs of all. Our goal is to provide gun owners with the items that will be of most benefit to them at affordable prices,” Scott Gulledge, spokesperson for DPH Arms, announces.

The AK-47 continues to be the weapon of choice for certain state armies, including Egypt, Cuba, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Iran. In addition, many soldiers in the United States military state they prefer the AK-47. This is especially true for those soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, as dust is known to jam the M-16s they are typically issued. This isn’t an issue with the AK-47.

“Many experts consider this weapon to be the one that changed the way war is waged. It has been used in conflicts across the globe, yet many individuals choose to purchase it simply because they prefer the way it shoots or they wish to have it for self defense. It is an excellent weapon regardless of what one chooses to use it for, and the right accessories make its use even more enjoyable,” Gulledge declares.

Accessories for the ak47 range from drum magazines for maximum fire power to creative options to mount scopes on the rifle to allow the shooter to maximize the accuracy of each shot. Quality products need to be purchased however, as this firearm has an excellent reputation for durability, extreme simplicity and need for little maintenance. The firearm can be stripped down in approximately one minute, but the accessories selected will impact this time period.

“Thanks to the low prices found at DPH Arms, individuals find they can select a number of accessories to find the ones that best meet their needs. Some opt for a saw grip, yet others choose to purchase a flash holder. With the selection available at the site, every AK-47 owner will find exactly what they need easily. If a customer is unsure of what they need or just want advise, they can call DPH Arms toll free number and speak with us directly,” Gulledge reports.

About DPH Arms:

DPH Arms serves as an online AK-47 accessories store for gun owners everywhere. In addition to AK-47 accessories, the site also provides access to SKS accessories and SKS stocks.

For more information about us, please visit https://dpharms.com/

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