Debbie Horovitch Opens Authority Agency Division Of Social Sparkle & Shine To Offer Book Publishing, Publicity and Strategy

Toronto media entrepreneur and speaker Debbie Horovitch has partnered with Authority Agency to open a division within her traditional and social media consultancy Social Sparkle & Shine, to offer book publishing, publicity and strategy for emerging authorities.

Without overtly stating it, the agency specializes in helping professionals and organizations that primarily serve and advocate for the success of women and children in society.

Currently Social Sparkle & Shine operates from inside the Centre for Social Innovation, a collaborative coworking space and launchpad for social enterprises that are changing the world. Since beginning to offer the new authority marketing services, a number of CSI member businesses in Canada and the USA have become clients of hers.

Mark Hurson, founder of GoodShave says “We met Debbie at the perfect time – we launched our new website at the same time as a Facebook post was literally going viral, and she was able to help us leverage and maximize the exposure we generated for our business, and for our cause. We’re on a mission to provide a lot of people in homeless shelters and food banks with razors this holiday season – which most don’t have – and Debbie’s experience and creative style with authority press releases has immeasurable value to us.”

For Toronto based speaker Bobby Umar, becoming a bestselling book author was a welcome surprise “I was stunned to see the message from Debbie just a few days after hiring her – screen shots and links showing how she’d created sales to move my book How to Network Anytime, Anywhere, With Anyone, right onto Amazon’s bestseller list, and into the number one position in three categories relevant for my brand. It really blew me away!”

Horovitch has a long history of working with Toronto advertising agencies and clients, logging more than $375 million dollars of client media campaigns negotiated over a 14 years as a professional media buyer and national sales representative. She has been fascinated by media since age five when she had a one-week, $5 agreement to record the family’s TV shows watched, for the Bureau Broadcast Measurement.

Along with the confidence to reach out to anyone she sees in media (on Television especially), Horovitch has created alliances and services through her agency that include mastermind groups and networking events for business owners, with celebrity book authors, publishers, and even media channels.

Her Celebrity Hangouts On Air style of planning YouTube livestreaming events for specialty professionals and business owners has landed her in the enviable role of interviewer and producer on shows featuring celebrity book authors and experts including Guy Kawasaki, Chris Guillebeau, Dorie Clark, Mike Michalowicz, Bob Burg, and Sally Hogshead among others. Horovitch says, “I feel fortunate my concept has afforded me the opportunity to create exposure for such high profile influencers”.

Horovitch has been able to help clients multiply that exposure by creating popular courses and books from the content her Celebrity Hangouts on Air productions generated. Her ability to create exposure has not only attracted thought leaders and industry experts to the Celebrity Hangouts on Air experience, it’s also turned Horovitch into a highly sought after international speaker and consultant on Hangout productions. Her growing client list includes tech startups, universities and colleges, and varying professionals wanting to position themselves as the authority or thought leader on their own subject matter of expertise.

Horovitch says it wasn’t always so easy – she battled depression and was rocked by the sudden death of a family member in recent years, so she knows how important it is to have established a business reputation and brand that can help carry you through the times when you’re not focusing on creating revenue.

Seeing the “silver lining” to difficult life situations she says is key to coming through in a better position “When $25K contracts, and opportunities to speak to groups at Fortune 500 companies and Las Vegas conferences, literally come to you ready to go because they’ve pre-determined you are perfect for their audience, that’s when you can see the value that little eBook or online video training series you published a while back.”

Horovitch has issued a challenge to her community to make a renewed commitment in 2016 to creating conversations, events and content that position their business as the clear choice when compared to other options.

Her agency is helping clients achieve their 2016 visions by offering service packages that include booking media interviews, creating speaking opportunities, and publishing content in various formats to high-authority markets including YouTube, Amazon, and Wikipedia.

For more information on Debbie Horovitch and Social Sparkle & Shine visit her website or call 416-553-2157.

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