Amazon Launchpad features New Medical Device for New moms developed by a mom of 3

Mama Strut by PELV-ICE™ Selected by Amazon Launchpad

New Amazon program showcases cutting-edge products from the most  innovative startups in the USA.

12/11/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — PELV-ICE™ is pleased to announce that their inaugural product, the Mama Strut postpartum care system, has been selected by Amazon Launchpad. Mama Strut is being showcased as a cutting edge tool for postpartum healing.

According to Jill Bigelow, founder of PELV-ICE™, “When I invented Mama Strut after the birth of my second child, I thought of it as a useful device to help new mamas recover more comfortably and to be more mobile, but since becoming a user earlier this year after the birth of my third child, I now know what a profound impact it has on the acute postpartum period. Mama Strut has improved the quality of my recovery and for thousands of mamas since our launch earlier this year. Mama Strut is not a product line it is a care revolution.”

Mama Strut is the only devices on the market that support all sides of the pelvis with multi-directional adjustability and ice/heat therapy anywhere you need it to naturally manage pain and swelling from soft tissue trauma. It is discrete, highly effective and made of highly breathable and naturally moisture wicking fabrics.  

“Mama Strut is not your mother’s belly wrap or girdle,” says Bigelow. “It’s not about getting skinny. It’s about supporting your body while it heals from a 9 month journey that ends in the marathon of giving birth.”

Mama Strut offers a simple, modern approach to improving the standard of care for new moms, employing scientifically researched and approved methods of compression and heat/ice therapy for soft tissue trauma in a single discreet soft brace. It is recommended for both vaginal and c-section deliveries.  

“Our long term goal is to help all people with soft tissue trauma recover more comfortably and with better results while being mobile” says Bigelow. PELV-ICE will be launching other similar devices to aid in the recovery from surgeries like hip replacement, urological, pelvic oncology, plastic surgery and uro/gyn in 2016.

The team at PELV-ICE™ is excited to have been chosen as a part of Amazon Launchpad. “PELV-ICE™ is so honored to be featured on the world’s largest retailer’s marketplace of innovations,” said Bigelow.

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PELV-ICE™ was founded by Jill Bigelow, a serial entrepreneur, finance professional, and mom of three. The medical device company strives to bring the standard of care for acute pelvic soft tissue trauma into the 21stcentury, and PELV-ICE™ recently introduce its flagship product, Mama Strut, which has been included in Amazon Launchpad.

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