The Future of Data Discovery is here now, meet HadoopRevealed’s Process Flow Modules!

Data Discovery real-time from your existing Process Flows for the Hadoop eco-system

BUFFALO GROVE, IL – 12/11/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — HadoopRevealed, a maker of data analytics and discovery software, today announces the release of HadoopRevealed-Data-Discovery-Modules (HR-Modules). From your Hadoop environment process flows, obtain real-time data Outlier, Compliance and Completeness Discovery as they are needed to better deliver BI, Predictive Analytics and data movement (especially movement of Sensitive Information).

We are all familiar with the traditional and conventional tools of the past. Now let us introduce you to the power of the next generation of deliverables for Big Data and IoT. It is called HadoopRevealed Data Discovery Process Flow Modules.

Data Discovery considerations:

  • When to use a tool as a separate function or when to make it part of your existing business process flows, are critical to adoption and realizing a short time to value.
  • Obtain real-time results when they are needed to better deliver BI and Predictive Analytics
  • The safe keeping of sensitive information when discovering fraud and manufacturing issues real-time

Internet of Things (IoT) requirements continue to grow.  IoT requires processing of streaming data feeds, and real-time data analytics with near zero latency, outlier discovery, and data compliance during its movement. If too many false positives are discovered (too many needles in the haystack), this can result in costly expense for moving data to unsecured locations to properly alert and notify the appropriate people when a fraud is underway or when a machine is breaking down.

There are traditional tools of the past and next generation tools of the present.  Next Gen business requirements for Big Data and IoT require unique support for real-time streaming data and batch. The Next Gen tool that can be plugged into existing business processes is here now, and it is called HadoopRevealed process flow modules.

HadoopRevealed delivers all the power of its application in process flow modules. These modules are callable Java executable files that deliver the Data; Outlier, Compliance, Metadata, Profiling, Alert Discovery and soon correlation coefficients. Now you can have complete power and control to run one, two or whatever combination of HadoopRevealed process flow modules to meet your critical business requirements.

When you have a subscription for the Enterprise HadoopRevealed application you get free access and use of the complete HadoopRevealed process flow module library!

About HadoopRevealed

HadoopRevealed developed its technologies as key assets for companies that need to identify data compliance issues, possible exposure of critical data, Outlier Discovery (e.g. banking risks, predictive maintenance in manufacturing) and metadata to cut the time of data scientist’s efforts down dramatically. The company’s products also allow for accurate delivery of ETL by business intelligence analysts and developers. HadoopRevealed continues to discover the needs of the Big Data Marketplace and deliver on these needs.

HadoopRevealed is confident in its ability to deliver immediate business value. The company is now offering a Free Trial to qualifying companies.  For more information, visit To register for a Free Trial, please email

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