Art Therapy in Action for Treating Troubled Teens

Lava Heights Academy
Are you seeking a residential treatment facility for your boy or girl from the age of 12 to 18?

If you have come to the realization that professional help is necessary for helping your young child or teen, turning to a well-qualified residential facility may be the answer.  Whether your child suffers from substance abuse problems, behavioral issues, psychological or emotional disorders; there is help available by a staff of qualified therapists and counselors.  Integrating a two-part treatment approach that includes counseling and art therapy, Lava Heights Academy has earned distinction in the youth treatment arena for their success with boys and girls of all ages.

By integrating therapeutic care that includes participation in the arts, along with a strong academic model, children of all ages who enter our facility in a troubled state are able to leave with a new perspective of themselves and their place in their community.  Many of those who enter our treatment center come with a low sense of self-esteem, feelings of anger and resentment and an inability to relate with their peers in a healthy manner.  Through a process of expression using various art forms, they are offered a unique opportunity for expression that helps them discover the source of their problems and a new way of dealing with feelings that they could never before verbalize in a healthy manner.

With the introduction of music, art, drama, dance and movement, each boy or girl is provided with a non-threatening arena in which they can address their emotional and behavioral needs.  Healthy interaction with a variety of student groups allows them to discover a new way of relating to other young people who are dealing with many diverse issues, oftentimes similar to those of the student.  While no children are alike in all ways, the ability to share in the discovery of expression through a dynamic art form helps meet the varied needs of all types of personality disorders and problems inherent in these youth.

Young people in our residential drug/alcohol and behavioral treatment facility also experience an opportunity to continue their high school academics, either keeping on track or getting back on track academically while in treatment.  Working closely with their current educational facility, transcripts are assessed and a plan put in place to ensure they complete their education.  Not only is graduation from high school incorporated as a goal while attending our facility, but attention is placed on college entrance, as well.

Like our students, our counselors and therapeutic staff members come from all walks of life, with a dedication to helping young people.  Talented in the use of therapeutic techniques available through art expression; our staff members share in a commitment to help transform each child, regardless of their pathology.  Our counselors and art therapists work together in designing a treatment plan that will be impactful for each child’s specific needs.  Whether the student learns to express themselves through the use of music, in an art form – including painting, drawing and sculpture, through dance and movement or through their ability to write and act out their issues through drama – those who enter our facility, leave with a healthier appreciation for themselves, their families and their peers.

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