Is Residential Treatment Right for My Child?

Lava Heights Academy
The media has placed a glaring eye on residential treatment programs for young people, with negative images of their care and results.

Although some treatment programs may be deserving of this negative exposure; it is important to consider the benefits that can come from a well-chosen residential treatment facility, specializing in the care and treatment of youth from the ages of 12 to 18.

Young boys and girls and teens who are dealing with severe emotional or behavioral problems are best suited for these programs.  While they may be unable to receive the help they need from family members, school or church leaders; they can gain the effective attention and counseling they need in a well-staffed treatment facility.  These treatment centers are equipped to help young people who struggle with substance abuse, severe depression, ADD/ADHD, eating disorders and other emotional or psychological challenges.

The right residential facility has the staff of expert therapists and counselors, along with an appealing physical plant that can provide the child or teen-ager with a structured, loving environment that fosters positive growth and development.  With a staff of experienced, talented and caring therapists and counselors, their emotional or psychological issues can be accurately diagnosed and a specific treatment program provided to help them restore their emotional balance.  Through the services of a quality therapeutic environment, the child or teenager is offered the support and guidance necessary to form new, healthy behavior patterns.

A qualified residential program offers enough time and distance from the child or teen’s world to promote effective behavioral changes.  With removal from their regular environment for an extended period of time and placement in a therapeutic environment, they are able to focus their time and energy on personal expression, therapeutic listening and reflection and interaction in a positive way with a variety of young people.  This new environment and attention to treatment is more likely to break maladaptive or destructive habits and replace them with new, healthy ones.

Residential treatment programs integrate a variety of therapeutic and learning opportunities into one location.  In addition to individual and group counseling sessions, a young person participates in physical activities, an academic program and other therapeutic opportunities that can initiate change.  Many programs offer art therapy as a dynamic form of communication and transformation, along with sports programs that promote a healthy interaction with peers.   With all activities moderated by caring counseling and treatment professionals, the child is offered the most effective environment for change.  Building self-esteem, learning to express themselves in a healthy manner and discovering a means for balanced interaction with peers can help the young person to develop a healthy approach to their world outside of the treatment center’s boundaries.

Lava Heights Academy is an example of a qualified treatment facility that has earned recognition for success among the treatment community.  Research into their program will help a parent appreciate the opportunities for healing that await their son or daughter.

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