Hoodz Advises Restaurants to Schedule their Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning as Winter Season Approaches

CHICAGO – As winter approaches, and in light of notable locales like Adobo Grill and Nuevo Leon recently being damaged by grease fires, Hoodz of Downtown Chicago reminds restaurants across Chicagoland to make sure they are properly maintaining their commercial kitchen exhaust systems. The company shared that excessive grease build up is the number one reason for fires in restaurants, hotels and other institutions with large commercial kitchens. Hoodz employs trained, qualified, and certified professionals to help keep facilities safe and compliant. They provide inspections, correct issues and service all kitchen exhaust systems.

“Running a commercial kitchen is an extremely demanding job. We help our customers by staying on top of kitchen exhaust system maintenance so they won’t have to,” said Jacqui McGrew of Hoodz. “It’s partly a safety issue and it’s also a business concern – an improperly maintained exhaust system can break down prematurely and result in unexpected repair costs.” 

Hoodz advises clients to stay on top of exhaust filter cleaning and replacement, indicating that this is the first line of defense in preventing grease from traveling throughout the rest of the system. Contaminants can cause health hazards, while inefficiencies can drive up energy bills. If excessive grease is present within the system, eventually it can ignite in the duct work and continuing to other areas such as the attic or roof. 

Hoodz clients can expect that Hoodz will clean the entire exhaust system to ensure that it is in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulation #96.  They key to grease fire prevention is going beyond superficially visible areas to go into the complete system, the duct work, the fan, and even the roof itself when needed. Hoodz provides proof of service with digital documentation.

The company also offers services such as commercial oven cleaning, kitchen equipment and floor cleaning, concrete cleaning, specialized power washing and more. 

To learn more about their extensive commercial kitchen cleaning services, go to http://www.hoodz.us.com/contact-us/location-map/illinois/hoodz-of-downtown-chicago/

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