Sarah Negus’, ‘The Healer’s Journey’ helps one to heal, grow and to discover themselves

Through journey meditation and energy work, Sarah Negus takes individuals through a life changing spiritual journey by healing their emotional wounds, helping them realize their power and potential.

Sarah Negus is an experienced spiritual healer and a modern day Shaman. She is known for her ability to help an individual to find themselves again and gain spiritual and emotional strength to live life the right way.

She constantly reminds her clients that they are unique and extraordinary in their own way they just never realize it. She takes it upon herself to make them realize this fact with her vast experience. Sarah Negus is the modern day Shaman who includes a multitude of elements to help one realize the true meaning of their existence. This includes working with one’s inner child, past lives and  shadow as well as one’s personal guides and higher self, she accesses power animals for a particular individual as well as their ancestral chain.

This process helps the clients understand where they really belong and how they can help heal their inner soul and feel personal power. It is essentially a way of discovering who they are and the power that they have within themselves.

Most people don’t really live life they simply survive. Through her spiritual mentoring package, Sarah Negus wishes to change that and help them add new meaning to their lives.

“Thank you, Sarah Ann Negus. Your ability to get to the root of the problem is fantastic. I can now face my fears. You are a blessing.” – Lana, Client.

The Healer’s Journey is essentially a roadmap to ultimately finding oneself and discovering emotional and spiritual strength within that one didn’t know existed. It is available either as a 12 week or a 6 week program. To know more, one can visit:

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Sarah Negus, The Healer’s Healer and modern day Shaman.


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Media Contact
Company Name: Sarah Negus, The Healer’s Healer and modern day Shaman.
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Phone: +44(0)7977984616
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