Hollywood Child Star Experiences Complete Healing and Transformation Through Biofeedback

The life of a famous movie star is usually admired and desired by most people. Hollywood Child Star, Edan Gross entered the Hollywood lifestyle at a young age of 5 years. Edan Gross is one of the biggest child stars in Hollywood, starring in roles such as: “Chuckie: Child’s Play”, “Disney’s The Little Mermaid”, “Married With Children, “The Best of the Best” just to name a few. Unfortunately the life of fame and fortune also has a dark side to which some fall victim to, just like Edan. he became involved in drugs and partying, which trigger a deeper spiral into depression, and a loss of his identity, until he decided to leave Hollywood in search of who he was.

He connected with Biofeedback Specialist and Celebrity Coach, Anna Marie Blessing and Queen Esther Academy to help him regain control of his life and heal. During his 1st session with Anna, Edan experienced the power of Biofeedback and was able to understand immediately how it can help him transform his life for the better, returning him to himself.

“My Biofeedback sessions facilitated a release of all the things I had suppressed, gently yet powerfully. It isn’t the most comfortable experience of course, yet it was the most powerful I’d ever experienced and brought so much clarity and dealign into my life. Once I made the commitment to work with her and see my program through, it was literally only a matter of weeks and my entire Life transformed before my eyes.” says Edan Gross.

From a young age, Edan had been extremely dedicated, responsible and laser focused which made him a great actor to work with for Directors, Producers, and fellow actors. These inner strengths under the healing guidance of Anna Marie Blessing allowed Edan to totally transform his life and initiate a phase of healing which brought his life to new heights. Edan further added: “Anna reminds us that it’s really not so bad, that we actually aren’t as far off as we may think from our true identity and deep fulfillment. And the Biofeedback, man I can’t even put it into words but it is powerful! And it creates a permanent shift and change that strengthens over time at the deepest levels. It’s been one of the best things I’ve ever implemented.”

Today, Edan Gross is an active philanthropist, who is working on setting up funding and opportunities to give back to the causes that are close to his heart through his investment portfolio with The Blessing Group. He now goes by the name Edan Shalom and is grateful to Anna for his transformation and healing. Edan is just one of many who suffer from a loss of identity, confusion, overwhelm and sometimes the loss of life. No matter who one is, this is something we all must deal with, especially in the limelight. And kept private until now, Edan wanted to share his experience in hopes that it may bring light, hope and a connection for someone who was or is in the position he was in.

About: Queen Esther Academy, founded by Biofeedback specialist Anna Marie Blessing, is a Boutique Biofeedback Center for Artists, Musicians and Creators. For more information, please visit: http://www.queenestheracademy.com/


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