At What Point Do Drugs/ Alcohol Become Dangerous?

Lava Heights Academy
It is not unusual for teens to experiment with drugs or to participate in recreational alcohol use at a friend’s party.

Many young people and teens begin their exploration of drugs with marijuana, under the misconception that marijuana has no dangers associated with it.  Whether because of peer pressure, a desire to “fit in” with other friends, or due to a sense of curiosity, young people are experimenting with drugs and alcohol at younger and younger ages.  Out of all of the kids who choose to experiment with substances they know should be considered out-of-bounds, many are able to use drugs or alcohol rather infrequently and have the ability to walk away whenever they please.

For other young people and teens, this venture into drug or alcohol use seems to open the window to a whole new world that they are unwilling or unable to eliminate from their lives.  What starts out as innocent experimentation soon transforms into an accelerated use that may be signs of a potentially harmful pattern.  Whether they continue to use marijuana, only on an accelerated basis, or move on to other, much more harmful and potentially addictive drugs, the young person or teen runs the risk of suffering from emotional, psychological, physical and social problems associated with drug addiction.  Marijuana is viewed by many young people today as a recreational drug which has no ill effects.  However, this drug, as well as alcohol and other more addictive substances, can lead to the young person to experience feelings of isolation, helplessness and shame.

Educating young people to the facts about the impact that drugs or alcohol may have on their lives can be one of the most significant means of preventing abuse.  However, many young people and teens assume that nothing bad could ever happen to them and that they are impervious to the harmful effects associated with substance abuse.  They often move into a pattern of escape through illegal substances, even after they have been alerted to their potential dangers. What started out as minimal use of marijuana, experimenting with ecstasy at a rave, or getting drunk at a friend’s after-game party often progresses from use on an irregular basis, to an aggressive use of alcohol or more dangerous drugs. 

Due to its increasing availability, heroin use among young people is at an all-time high.  Alarmingly, a deadly drug combination of heroin or cocaine with fentanyl has caused dozens of overdoses in Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit areas.  Fentanyl is a narcotic analgesic that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, often leading to death.  This powerful opiate pain reliever is typically used after surgery or to treat patients with severe pain.  Like many other prescription medications, kids are gaining access to these drugs with disastrous results. Methamphetamines are also being consumed by our teen-agers, due to their relatively easy access.

With the rise of children as young as 12 years of age through teens and young adults gaining easy access to destructive drugs, it is even more important for parents to stay attuned to their children’s patterns, moods and over-all health.  Should there be any suspicion of drug or alcohol use, a simple conversation with one’s child may not be enough.  Consultation with a professional at Lava Heights Academy to determine whether there may be a problem that requires early abatement is recommended.

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